When you forget divine love and wisdom live in you, you feel like you have to find them somewhere else, somewhere on the outside.

That’s why you see people at times give divine-like qualities to another person. Making that person god-like to have some sense of certainty and reassurance to cling to in a scary world.

Spouses, teachers, parents, gurus, celebrities, or politicians can all become the answer. The rock. The solution. The savior.

They’re going to make everything ok.

Have you seen it in yourself? Or maybe you’ve seen it in others?

Giving deference to another in decision making…Jumping through hoops to get approval…An excitement that everything’s going to be ok now that that special person is here.

When you make a person a god, it doesn’t end well for either of you.

If you have a tendency to need a god-like figure, you’re going to attract people to you who need to feel like a god.

What begins as a sense of relief and reassurance eventually turns control, demands, and punishment.

In the end, you feel inferior, because that’s how relativity works. You made the other person superior, so by default, you became inferior.

On the other hand, you can partner with someone who has no interest in being your god. But because you need the reassurance of a god, you prop them up as perfect anyway.

Ultimately, their human-ness prevails, and they fall from grace. The illusion of perfections goes up in smoke.

You’re left feeling angry, resentful, and let down. The other person’s confused and made to feel like they weren’t good enough, even though they did nothing wrong.

The Divine lives in you. It’s who you are. It’s the substance of your being.

Stay rooted in that knowledge.

Learn to depend on the divine within you rather than assigning it to someone else. Seek relationships where you depend on each other, but no one is propped up as having all the answers.

Trust the answers inside you. If you don’t have a specific human skill needed for a solution, trust you’ll be guided to the right person or thing.

There’s great reward to remembering the divine is in you. No one can take it away. It’s available at all times, in all places, and under all circumstances. And best of all, it loves you and only will work in your best interest.

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