We have all had those moments when we were not paying attention, and had that painful incident of missing our airline flight. Well, for some of us, as least. It happens. And yet, it doesn’t mean that it is the end of the world. Whether your watch, or clock was an hour off, or you wandered around a little too long, enjoying airport scenes, you missed your flight. Well, it happened, and it’s not as if you can summon your magic wings to fly and catch up with your plane, which has already taken off. So, what do you do?

Things happen. If you are a frequent traveler, there is a possibility that you may end up experiencing this. Guess what? It’s alright. Before you panic, and allow this to ruin the full itinerary of your trip, here are a few tips and tricks you can use to put yourself back in control over the situation.

*Stay Calm

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Running around in a frantic is not going to serve you. If you are at an international airport, it is in your best interest to take a time-out. Pause. Breathe. Collect your thoughts. Get yourself together. In a terse amount of words, take control. Speak to yourself in your ability to master the space. You can do this. The common theme is flight, and this is just another coloring.

*Ask For the Help Desk and Take Yourself There

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The first thing you need to do is book another ticket to your destination. That means you need to ask any employee or look for signs, which will direct you there. If there is a language barrier, then simply look for English translation signs, which directs you to where the Help Desk is located. Please be aware the likelihood that you can find, at least, one person who speaks English. If they happen to come your way, then great. If not, and when in doubt, follow the signs. And if you happen to see a big Help Desk, near the area, just go straight to it. From there they can assist you with locating, and booking, the next flight.

*Grab A Lunch Or Drink Of the Local Culinary

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While you are awaiting your next flight, make it a point to treat yourself. This your missed flight, as an extended opportunity to sample some foreign delights. Or, if you ended up missing your flight in your home country, then grab something new and delightful, from an exciting restaurant you have never tried. Try to get a restaurant that is closer to your new gate. You don’t want to repeat the mistake of losing track of time, and ending up missing another flight. Wouldn’t that be another exciting challenge? Nevertheless, at least you can nourish yourself in the process. Just examine this time as anticipation for when you arrive at your destination, or visit that exciting country.

*Check Out A Local Gift Or Book Shop Near Your Departure Gate

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You never know what treasures you end up finding in an airport. So, allow yourself to feel like a child again, and discover what’s in store! Sometimes, certain books may be familiar. Perhaps, you had been waiting to purchase that new novel, and were not able to do so. You have that opportunity, so go ahead and get it. Read it while you are waiting. If you are headed back to your country, perhaps you have a chance to purchase a souvenir, or two. Be a kid in the candy store, again. Now, that is rewarding.

*Check In With Friends, Family, and Others

Let others know about your missed flight, and your new flight. Send updates with the times, locations, and travel destinations. Keep others updated. Inform them about your delays. The last thing you want to do is have loved ones, or your boss, worry about you. Make a few calls. Create a text message, send a WhatsApp, give over a few e-mails, and allow it to go.


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Things happen. That’s life. The unexpected sometimes surprises us. Yet, let it be known that what seems like a loss, may end up being a gain. Perhaps, just perhaps, you end up meeting a fascinating person, or group of people. Sometimes things are meant to happen in order to receive your blessing. That, too, is a reality.

*Let’s Say Flights Are Not Available Until A Few Days

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Well, this is the time where you can take advantage of being in another city. Book a hotel for a day, or however you need it, and get out of the airport. Unless you want to spend all of that time in a airport until your flight departs, be my guest. I wouldn’t recommend it. Plus, you never know what you can experience during that time. So much wonder that can happen within the course of the city. There are many adventures occurring in foreign nations. When you are new to the city, you just end up finding those wonderful times, on your own.

*Treasure This Day

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One day, you are going to be very useful to someone, who is going to have your similar experience. They will get lost in an airport, or get distracted, and miss their flight. Look who will have the opportunity to comfort them during that time? Think about it on another level. You can add it to the list of one of your many, and unusual, travel experiences. You will be able to laugh about it, and put it to great use. Its all part of the journey of travel.

Missing your flight can actually be an adventure. Furthermore, it is one of those attributes of the travel experience, which makes us stronger. It adds to the spontaneity of travel, and visiting other countries. Surprises and the unexpected are part of the normal, when it comes to the realm of being able to take those journeys, many people are too afraid to venture on. Traveling is also a test for self-awareness. It is a mechanism for us to discover our numerous talents, and how we are able to rise to the challenge for any difficulties that may arise. Through travel, you gain strength. Becoming all the more wiser and skilled in your travel knowledge. If you happen to miss a flight, simply, chill. Relax. Release. Recuperate. Its alright. You are doing well. Know that you are learning the ropes as you go along. Everything will be fine, and you can look forward to more exiting adventures and aesthetics, ahead! Until then, safe guard your time, and happy travels. Jump on your flight, and be open to every surprise, hidden in plain sight!

(Source: www.freepik.com); Edits By Lauren K. Clark


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