“Love blooms in the song of silence.” ~ Alexandra Domelle

Sometimes there is no need for words.

No need for you to say anything.

No need for you to do anything.

No need for you to be anything.

Except who you are.

Words, by their very nature, are the realm of form.

Without words, there is silence.

There is stillness.

There is peace.

There is an understanding that cannot be rationalised, a deep, profound knowing that cannot be learnt, a state of being that cannot be bought.

Sometimes words just get in the way.

In the way of what you really want to say.

So much can be said without words.

So much can be said by just being still.

So much can be said with just one look.

With just one touch.

With just one breath.

Sitting in silence with another Being transcends cultural differences.

It transcends language barriers.

It transcends everything and leaves behind only one thing.


So the next time you are at a loss for what to say, the next time you attempt to fill the gap with unnecessary banter, the next time you find yourself trying too hard to be someone you are not:

Just stop.

Be still.

Be silent.

Allow your heart to fill with love.

Until it bursts and overflows.

Saturating every fibre of your Being.

Radiating from every pore.

Until there is love.

Only love.

Unconditional Love.

This is the only thing that matters.

The only truth.

And it needs no words.

Just your presence.

Your stillness.

Your silence.

Your soul.

So be still. Be silent. Be soul-fully present.

In Love.

With Love.

And as Love.

Thank you for choosing to read this story. If these words resonated with you, please share this moment with your loved ones. Yours, in appreciation, Alexandra

© Copyright Dr. Alexandra Domelle 2018

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