I sometimes felt that love is an emotion which can be felt over a period of time with someone who connects with you on the intellectual level. Mode of communication also matters. Males and females have a distinct way of communicating. If we go back to the ancient 10,000 years, we see that we were tribal hunters. Either we were living in tribes, a society based on religion or community.

The purpose of males and females are different which involves hunting and nurturing respectively. While hunting, in which rarely females went, involves two words message, otherwise the animals will run.
So, it is less correspondence and more deliverance. Over the years humans evolved. but females require nurturing and caring as it is quite evident and can be seen in our day today lifestyle too.
Though, we have so many other fronts too. With that communication, relationships are closely linked.
Now, we talk about love. It is well said that people who haven’t experienced anything can talk on a length on that subject and the reason is their imagination.
Love is a feeling of bliss, though we always find this feeling outside. Sometimes, we have this feeling for our colleague, friend, family or even for someone who has shown care towards us.
CARE, in this technologically interwoven and internet, enhances world, is quite a magnetic word for those who seek love.
– Care also has various types which differentiate the nature of giver. It is the care when you show a friend, as a father figure, as a guide and CARE IN WHICH YOU DREAM TOGETHER.
– Dreaming together make you find a way towards solace, peace and internal peace. one needs a soul mate to achieve the purpose of the visit of the earth. This will form an energy which further guides us to achieve the soul path.

– Dreamers share the same wavelength.

Some people change the course of your life, and one such person has been there, which I feel which change my course of life. The journey with each other will be happy and blissful one. The small squabbles are also quite romantic. I am accused of being asked too many questions but I feel that to be romantic and the enchanting smile that sweeps away all my fear and sorrows.But somehow when pain fades away, your inner peace starts reflecting on the face. It is true feeling of bliss and one starts to forgive and forget people. 

Though it is quite easy to say that forget and move on but when on actually feels that forgiveness and moves on, it gives you identity which is equivalent to ecstasy. 

Romanticism is still continued by sweet doses of love, care and loyalty.
Happiness Pills:-)

P.S. It gives me immense happiness which cannot be described in words.


  • Kartika Sharma

    I’m a voracious reader and a motivational coach. I am also deeply inspired by Arianna Huffington. I firmly believe in positive thinking and try to incorporate that in all walks of life.

    I have been working and breathing as a content writer since long. I strongly believe and also experienced, that people who are old souls , connects better to heart, soul and world. Godliness is serving people and getting blessing. For any query, contact : [email protected].