Have you ever feel like one of your wheels was stuck in the mud? You’re not able to wrench it out however hard you try? Gazing out across at the horizon and still can’t figure out a direction?

You’re not alone. And, wait…it happens to us all.

The journey of our life and career is full of hairpin bends, uncertainties and sometimes…insipid phases of seeming inactivity. We all go through phases when we’re overcome by the weight of doubt. No formidable cause of distress, but still…no real action as well. The sameness of it all appears to be a heavy yoke around the neck, and the road seems very long indeed. We all go through phases like that and it’s easier to succumb into the rut of melancholy than it is to snap back into action.

But the beauty is in shortening the ‘down phase’ as opposed to totally eliminating it. The trick is also to take stock of all the passing emotions and how they impact us. Once we are able to do this, we can get a grip sooner than we know, dust our back and be off on the path again.

So…what to do when we’re trying to wedge that stuck wheel out?

Blot out the White Noise

It’s unbelievable how much noise we dwell in. The noise from our surroundings, from the TV, from the radio on the way to work, the continuous din through the day there, silent noise from social media…..whew! So much. Try to nourish yourself with pockets of quiet whenever you can. Stillness can present many answers

Recognize that everything is transient

It’s hard to remember that this too shall really scud by. Everything is in transient mode and there is no permanency in anything. Isn’t that reassuring in a way?

Develop a forward-looking mindset

Try to cull out time from pressing but functional matters and hold to heart your roadmap. We all have one. And even if you’re not too certain how the future will pan out, simple hold the belief that every single day is a chance to enhance, grow and learn.

Keep a tab on the caffeine

It’s easy to reach out for more caffeine to drown this numbness, but it only makes it worse. Drink lots of water, instead and stay hydrated to keep stress at bay.

No room for toxic

Learn to weed out…because you really need to, every once in a while. There is no point in retaining toxic relations that are not adding value to your life. People who pull you down with their constant whining are best kept at bay.

Shift gears

Simply shifting the focus onto something else, can inadvertently impact the moods in such a compelling way. An evening out with a close friend, or a visit to the neighboring art gallery for the new art showcase or accepting an invite a networking event.

Voila…you’ve snapped out of that ‘zone’ and you didn’t even notice how and when !