A women I spoke to once told me she didn’t want to quit her job because she felt others would judge her. I asked her why this would be such a problem for her, and she said that what others thought meant a lot to her. I then went on to ask her, “Are you happy where you work?” Her consistent answer was always, “no.” But if this was the case, I wondered why she was still there. Why did she allow others to dictate her future for her? 

This women was allowing her own happiness to be on the back burner. The people we surround ourselves with are very important. Robin Sharma says: “Choose your influences well.” If your friends, family, or co-workers don’t support your decision to quit, and instead persuade you to say in a job where you’re unhappy, ask yourself: Who is suffering more? You or them?

Here are a few words of advice if you find yourself feeling this way:

  1. Avoid listening to all such statements like, “if you don’t work, where will the money come from,” or “isn’t it unrealistic to quit if you don’t have a job lined up?”
  2. Stand firm on your decisions about your career and life. Don’t allow your family or friends to talk you into a life you don’t want. If you know it’s not for you, try to leave sooner rather than later.
  3. Type up your resignation letter. This may seem scary, but it makes it more real– especially if you have been putting it off.

Whatever decision you make, know that it’s yours and yours alone. Remain positive about your future and dreams, and go for what you want. 

This post was originally published on The Career Happiness Mentor.