Due to global pandemic, schools, universities and workplaces were closed in March. Often people face a lot of difficulties in delivering work from home. Some women strive hard to perform their job responsibilities from home while managing home learning for their children, all without any assistance of family.

Delivering office work from home and taking care of minors at the same time could be challenging for women. A survey conducted in North America, revealed that around 56% of women stay awake at night due to stress and could not be able to take enough sleep. Although, they tried to be calm and organized during the day to perform their household chores as well as office tasks. Due to hectic routines, people are doing most of the things but some of them still left behind.

Excessive and prolonged stress making the people mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted. Suffering from such a state is known as burnout. In order to alleviate stress, pain, and anxiety, often people are using CBD pain cream, pharmaceutical drugs, and other supplements.

Scientific studies shows that burnout is a relationship menace. It includes how you communicate with your colleagues, friends, and family members. This condition leaves the individual feeling tired, depressed, short-tempered, and much more hopeless.

There is a variety of reasons that can contribute to a potential for anxiety and depression. First, the significant ratio of coronavirus case is making individuals more vulnerable. On the other hand, people could not be able to maintain their contacts with their loved ones who are living far from them.

A significant amount of people are trapped into a wide-range of problems including exhaustion, isolation, loneliness, emotional stress, overeating, over-thinking, alcohol consumption, and breakdown of parental relationships due to high stress. 

Other potential health issues include body aches, physical illness, mental exhaustion, fear, inability to deliver work on time, reduced empathy and sympathy for the family, and lack of time to perform extra-curricular activities. While some advocates of the view that, working from home makes their lives miserable as it becomes impossible for organizations to manage daily work between 9 to 5 schedules. In addition, employees have to stay online for 3 more hours for reporting and meeting. This is one of the reasons of burnout.

Set Time Limits

In order to prevent burnout, it is advisable to set working hours and stay focused on work. Often employees have raised the issues regarding extended working hours. Since, some workplaces involve work that requires staff to stay active even when they are not working. Due to this menace, many people become so obsessed about their jobs that they never disconnect. Some surveys also indicate that, employees are enforced to stick to their jobs, and they cannot leave since there is a lack of job securities due to global pandemic.

In order to avoid this problem, it is suggested to acquire a dedicated workspace so that employee can leave after finishing their work. This will bring a peace of mind and let the employees to have a time for their own selves. Moreover, it is feasible to keep the door closed while working to avoid interruptions. Making your room space like an office cabin could be the best course of action to perform your work responsibilities in a timely manner. Also, hide your workspace when you are not working so that you can turn off your work brain.

If these tricks don’t work for you, think about something interesting and exciting to begin and finish your workday such as a pleasant walk outside, a peaceful yoga, or listening to your favorite music.

Unplug from Tech

You need to set some boundaries with technology. You have to schedule a specific time for sending and receiving emails. This would be helpful in preventing clients from thinking that you are 24/7 available for them. On top of that, it is important to pre-schedule the social media content so that you won’t get boggled all the day trying to figure out what to post and when. Moreover, you can put your phone on the silent in the evenings to avoid checking notifications. The best possible strategy to do not mix your work with personal life is to schedule strict working hours and stick to it. Make a checklist of your objectives or jot down the everyday goals on a sticky notes and stay focused.

Despite of all, it is recommended to be kind to yourself. Some days will be perfect, and some will be challenging, and that’s totally fine.