Human evolution

The evolution of the human race leads us to a fantastic life. We know this is not an end, but where we are headed to? Let’s discuss in detail.

The first Homo sapiens, ancestors of us evolved nearly 200,000 years ago.

March of Progress — Human evolution

From then we didn’t end up in Modern age ultimately. We lived through ages, progressed over time. There were innovations made. Many great scientists of old ages laid the foundations for what we are now. Based on the materials used over time, the time period is divided as following,

Throughout these time period, our growth is remarkable, though it was not fast paced still it helped us to become better.

Fast forward to 20th and 21st century

I denote this period as the golden age for the human beings. Many great persons lived and enriched our lives with their wonderful creations, even made our life lot easier.

Dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before — Edgar Allan Poe

As Edgar said we dreamed bigger. Technology had grown tremendously. We flew to space, landed on Moon, trying to colonize other planets. And we are closer to find our neighbors in the vast outer space.

Our grandparents wouldn’t have thought, they could do amazing things just by commanding to a voice assistant on their phone. But everything has changed and we proved nothing is impossible.

I would like to point out two of the most engaging innovations,

  • A.I (Artificial Intelligence)
  • Automation (Process/Task Automation)

We are in the process of delegating day-to-day simple tasks to AI. Obviously, AI not only can do simple tasks, in near future Minority Report could become real.

BUT, what are we gaining from this? Are we losing our real human? Is Automation going to suck our job? what is REAL?

Yes, we do have gains from these innovations and every one of us knows it.

We are not losing our real human yet!!

Automation is getting our job and whoever’s work can be automated should get trained with more qualities in order to face the future without fear. Why fear? Let’s see.

Power of our Brain

The human brain has unlimited power and we are training to become more powerful. As we have developed such an ecosystem where we can delegate our work to machines, do we still need to use brain power to do simple things? No, we could leverage the power to make ourselves better.

Is automation already here? Those who don’t know yet, of course, it is, most of the manufacturing units are automated using robots, and we are in the process of automating more tasks.

I believe AI and automation are going to change our future radically into another perspective. Imagine if we robotize the food production process, the food price might come down. Not only the food industry, almost in every domain AI is going to dominate for our better future under the control of us, hoping everything will be in control of us.

If AI does all, what I should do?

This question might arise in your head if you have come till this way along with me.

AI cannot beat human’s rational thinking. Artificial Intelligence can be simulated to work like the human by providing a large set of data to train themselves. But without any prior knowledge of a very new situation how it can perform better? Or can it perform without any error?

The answer could be NO.

In future humans will be involved with many complex tasks where AI may unable to produce rational output.

Human power shouldn’t be wasted on carrying out simple works instead human power should e used to achieve accurate results on difficult tasks which could be useful for us to step forward in growth. I mean growth of the entire human race.

I can guess now you might have got the importance of process automation. Process automation is not going to suck our jobs instead, we will be engaged in intuitive tasks.

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