We talk a lot about freedom but many of us have never truly experienced our true sovereignty. When we’re caught deep within the web of life and told how to have a successful life, there’s very little room to breath the free air that surrounds us every minute of the day.

There’s no time like now to examine how you’re flowing in the world

We are at an intersection of possibilities right now. We can take the path of struggle, division, survival and fear, or we can discover the path of least resistance that is waiting for us to experience it fully. But to do so, we must free ourselves and no one else can do it for us. We can choose to take an unknown path and start over at any time, or stay where we are with more of the same. 

And if 2020 has shown us anything is that no one knows much of anything despite all the “influencers” and success in our world. If we were truly brilliant, as advertised and branded, would you imagine our world being in this state right now? Are we willing to finally understand that leadership is within each of us, as is freedom? No one need come save us from ourselves.

We’re part of a much bigger, beautiful picture when we’re ready to really see

When you turn off the external noise and take a walk in nature, for example, you will discover another world. One in which change is a natural flow and there’s free air and resources to support you. While some of us are choosing to stay within the current stories of how we should live our lives, there are some who are remembering that we are part of nature; not separate. And for those curious and courageous to explore the edges of our world, new doors and windows are opening up for us to experience our ability to create, like never before. 

But it is up to each one if us to not only discover our path but also to walk through the gates and build the bridges— to whatever waits beyond, when we choose to trek into the unknown. There is a new energy pulsating at a higher vibration that is invisible to the human eye, asking each of us to tap into our hearts. A new opportunity to discover what is possible for the adventurers and creators in our world. But it’s up to each of us to walk through the openings and imagine what waits beyond. 

And each of us is free to choose wherever we may be geographically, financially, emotionally or physically. We can stay in the old decaying paradigm that is filled with conflict, division, battle lines and history repeating itself over and over, again and again. A world where we fight for our lives and are deluded to believe that success will open up the pearly gates of nirvana. A world of right and wrong, good and bad, appropriate and inappropriate. A world where we execute the bad people so the good people prevail. A world where the oppressed become the oppressors. A world of being known and celebrated as the best at the expense of the vast majority of humanity. We may be unconscious that we are choosing this very world and yet, we can become aware of the intersection staring us between the eyes, should we choose to understand what’s healthy and toxic for us when we question everything.

But for many of us, while this world exists and is real, it no longer speaks to us in what we want to be. And we know throwing rocks and warring is not our path as we put down our swords and regroup within ourselves first. Dealing with our own trauma and wounds as a way to release ourselves from the mental prisons we have been chained to from our past experiences. Everyone on this planet has experienced some level of trauma in our lives that is being played out in our world. But we can no longer wait for someone to save us as no one wants to be saved. It’s much simpler — many of us simply want to experience life and let our light shine to illuminate our trek into the unknown. To be curious about what lies ahead.

There are no manuals or secrets to where we are headed. Because while we’re tempted to shape the old world into a new one, we’re learning from nature that one cannot reshape energy. One can become aware of the organic universal energy that is calling us to find our balance, stability, unity and harmony. And to do so, all that is required is to purge, release, declutter, cleanse and make space for what is actually possible. To be able to hear what is calling us in the whispers of our hearts. 

You feel this in your heart, don’t you? 

Conformity and uniformity restrict and defeat us every day. The never-ending cycles of our history are here to teach us to let go. There is an easier way, which has been hidden in plain sight. There is the path of least resistance showing up inviting us to explore our truth. The areas where we feel most free are calling us to be wildly irresponsible in the current form. They are inviting us to face our irrational fears. limiting beliefs and decaying safety nets so we can let go of the deep worry and fear that have been conditioned into us from the time we were born into this world. 

Worry about not choosing to explore the path of the unknown. There comes a time when we become aware of what is in our hearts as we excavate and unlearn centuries of deep programming. And it is through our discomfort that healthy foundations are built. We cannot continue to bring along all that no longer serves us.

 It is a choice to wake up one morning and simply begin to steer yourself in the direction of experiencing a healthy life filled with curiosity and courage to be the best you can be in a world that will try to make you be the same as everyone else. It is up to you to tap into your own internal compass and navigate your energy in the direction that is calling you. It does not require you to fight for your life or be validated by an external force or experts who claims to know what’s best for you. Because no one knows what’s healthy and what’s toxic for you. It’s up to you to claim your own power source.  

What, if anything, is standing in the way of your true freedom? What are you questioning? What path is inviting you to explore its edges? And when will you begin?