If you have a child at home that loves princesses and castles, you might be considering redecorating her room with a princess theme.

If you’re on a budget, where do you find cheap princess room decor?

Looking for cheap decorations for your kid’s princess room is a great way to save money while decorating. But knowing where to find décor that doesn’t break the bank can sometimes be difficult.

The cheapest way to buy anything is to get it used. Here’s a list of places you can find used princess room decor.

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  • Yard sales. Since the princess theme is a popular choice among kids, you’re likely to find some decorations to fit the theme at local yard sales. As you scan the ads for the sales in your area, look for cues that there might be princess decorations, like listing princess toys, girls’ clothing, or Disney items in the yard sale ad.
  • Flea markets. Another great place to find decorations for your kid’s room is at flea markets. In addition to finding princess themed decorations, you can also find great deals on furniture at local markets, allowing you to update your kid’s room without spending a ton of money.
  • Second-hand shops. Since flea markets are open regularly, another option for finding used decorations is searching second-hand shops and thrift stores. Check your local Goodwill or other thrift stores to find decorations to fit your theme. In addition to looking for items that are specifically princess-themed, it’s also a good idea to be on the lookout for things you can upcycle or reuse to fit the theme.
  • Online marketplaces. There’s no reason to leave your house to search for used decorations! Just head to Facebook marketplace, eBay, or Craigslist to find décor for your child’s room. Search the listing for princess themed decorations, kid’s furniture, or used furniture to find ideas for ways to decorate your kid’s room on a budget.
  • Discount stores. Although it’s a great idea to buy used items to save money when decorating, sometimes you’ll need to purchase something new for your kid’s room. Looking for decorations at discount stores, like Wal-Mart or Target, is a great way to find some cute new decorations for your kid without spending a ton of money.