The world has been feeling a bit topsy-turvy these days, right? There has been a loose framework supporting our ideas around what life is about and how it will proceed that seems to be crumbling. It can cause you to wonder what you can count on looking ahead and that can lead to fear-based feelings and a contraction of our energy.

The other day, I was given a glimpse, a wave of knowing you might say, of what I believe is going on behind the scenes that I want to share with you now because I believe it will give you hope.

Imagine you are looking out at a garden in the early fall. Perhaps there has just been a frost and many of the plants are dying, or are dry and offer nothing more to harvest. It appears to be empty of any resources for you—on the surface. What you are looking at symbolizes the “old,” what is wanting to be released from our modern living experience to make way for the new. Old structures and paradigms that have run their course and are not ready to dissolve back into the “soil.”

What you can’t see at the moment, is the vast network of seeds and root systems that have been growing all along underneath the surface, preparing just for this time so that when the old died away, the new could grow in its place. And what is about to burst onto the surface is richer and more delicious than anything you have ever tasted.

What I understand to be true is that we have so much support, so many resources, and so much abundance ready and waiting for us, we just have to adjust our vision so we can see it.

When I look ahead to my future, I am no longer going to rest in the belief of traditional “insurance,” financial investments for my “retirement,” etc. I am going to focus on these new paradigm resources for my support and well being which include caring for myself as a vibrational being, connecting intimately to Mother Earth, and leaning into the interconnectedness of all sentient beings so that I can send my peace and happiness out into the world.


Everything is energy. Everything vibrates. You are energy. Energy behaves such that like energy attracts like energy. High vibration energy attracts more high vibration energy. Low vibration energy attracts more low vibration energy. What this means is that when you nurture the high vibrations within and around you, you can count on attracting even more high vibration thoughts, ideas, relationships, opportunities, etc. No matter what chaos is going on around you, the question becomes this simple: “What can I do to raise my vibration?” Do that.


This planet is alive. Everything that is a part of Mother Earth has consciousness. This Earth sustains our lives here. She grows and provides everything we need to survive in these physical bodies. And I am not just talking about food. In her cyclical creation, she models for you everything you need to thrive in this lifetime. We share the same elements: air (breath), fire (all the energy and synapses firing away in your body), water (blood) and earth (bones). We can look to the sky (air) and connect to the spaciousness, the boundlessness of potential and space. We can allow fire to help us transform fear into creative action. We can practice flowing with feelings and life events, not resisting, but allowing them to teach and support our growth and evolution. And we can rest in immense support underneath us at all times.

You can meditate next to a river or lake and allow your thoughts to be inspired by the water wisdom. A tall tree can remind you to ground and charge. A violent storm can reassure you amidst your own stormy life experiences, illuminating the change that always follows the storm. Just sitting under a tree harmonizes your biorhythms. Allow Mother Earth to hold you and guide you now.


We have been shown dramatically how interconnected we all are in the past several months. This has been a very obvious experience pointing us to a more subtle truth: we are individualized expressions of the same energy. Our building blocks, physically, mentally and emotionally are the same and are infinitely entangled. We will sink or swim together, vibrationally speaking. In the book Power v. Force by Dr. David Hawkins, he proves that just one person living at a high vibration can counterbalance thousands of others living at a low vibration. The new activism is connecting to how you would like others to feel and then sending that energy out into the world.

The Buddhist Tonglen practice is a wonderful example. You feel your feelings when you are sad or scared or angry. Then, you connect to all the other sentient beings who might also, at this moment, be feeling the same. What would you wish for them to feel? Peace? Love? Hope? Generate that feeling yourself. Imagine what brings you peace, love, hope and then send that energy out into the world. Imagine if even a tenth of the world population participated in this practice daily?

Personally, I wrap these three elements into my own sacred painting practice that I also share with my online clients. With this sacred painting practice, you are aligning with a creative frequency that only knows possibility and only focuses on that which you love and find beautiful. It allows you to raise your vibration, connect to Mother Earth’s creative frequency and allow the truth of our oneness to radiate out from your space and care for others.

There is an invisible net of love and support waiting to guide you into your next highest level of personal expression. The call is simply to learn how to tune into the subtleties of this new reality and how to let go of the old stories and paradigms that are withering away. We simply are being encouraged to accept that the New Earth we all are anticipating and desiring has a different structure and a different flow. It will require a different level of “programming” and the sooner we open up to the creative possibilities, the sooner we can begin to see the new growth breaking through the darkness and into the light.