Sometimes I feel like an alien, as if I’m not from this planet and I wonder what I am doing here on Earth. In moments like these, people feel distant and everything seems foreign and temporary.

On other days, I cannot help but to shoot for the stars and connect with something great and expansive. My vision to inspire and enable 15 million women to truly love being themselves. Another is to create the most comprehensive, supportive and transformational women’s community online. These goals definitely raise some eyebrows and place me back in the five-headed-people club.

But what I’ve learned on my spiritual and entrepreneurial journey is that, when no one believes in you, you have to. When no one seems to ‘get’ you, find your tribe or create your own. That’s exactly what I did.

I want to share my top five sisterhood Facebook groups picks for compassionate support, inspiration to live a rich, fulfilling and happy life and celebration of the feminine essence. Each of these groups are led with love and vulnerability is valued and respected. So whether you’re lost and need guidance or you wish to reconnect with your personal power with other amazing women, here are five incredible sisterhood groups ready to embrace you.

  1. The Talking Tree Sisterhood

Right at the top of the list is The Talking Tree Sisterhood by the Founder of TreeSisters, Clare Dubois. This is a magical space where Mother Earth and womanhood is rejoiced and the connection between nature and the feminine is undeniable. Whether you are looking to find grounding or feel the unconditional love that spans without borders, here is the place to seek inspiration.

2. Unify Global Sisterhood

The Unify Global Sisterhood is one of my favourites, led by Emma Juniper and Lauren Elizabeth Walsh, the Co-directors of the Global Sisterhood. This is a sacred space where the the Divine Feminine is celebrated and women help one another to grow and transform. With more than 10,000 members, you can find conversations on world events, spirituality to feminism.

3. YOUR Feminine Space to Being You & Loving It!

My own group where I empower the ladies with three live trainings a week to really step into their power and embrace their femininity. The most looked forward to event each week is Show and Tell on Thursday where one sister takes the stage, shares her story and is welcomed with love and acceptance. If you want to take self-love to the next level, then this space is for you.

4. The Sisterhood Circle

Described as an ‘online Red Tent Sacred Circle for women of all ages and beliefs’, the Sisterhood Circle is a wonderful community for those who are intuitive, creative and woo. This is a fun and supportive place, led by C. Ara Campbell the Founder of The Goddess Circle, for all things energy, femininity, moon cycles and more.

5. Sisterhood of the Wild Feminine

Sisterhood of the Wild Feminine is another great to be in and look out for the themed days like Mantra Monday, Sell Your Sh** Saturday and more. All topics on life, work, love, fertility, nutrition and more are welcomed. So feel at home and enjoy the buzzing conversations in this supportive space.

We are never alone on our journey. Whether you want to create your own tribe or wish to join one of the five I’ve listed above, there is a lot of support out there for you to be truly you. Save this list for a rainy day, when you need some advice or just a inspirational meme. Let us know in the comments how celebration of who you are and the feminine has impacted your life and the dreams you are going for.

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