Wow, what a difference a month can make! Writing is best when a publication can be written and dated so that it becomes essentially timeless (A little insider secret there). Yet, in these times sometimes it is important to draw a ‘line in the sand’ to create a pivot point. March 2020 has become a pivot point for many people. No matter where you are in the midst of this new economy amid the COVID-19 era, two elements remain at the forefront, faith and money.

Faith is important as it creates the foundation of everything we filter life through. Money is a tool that helps us navigate life in an array of ways. Today, this month, is a chance to revisit where each of us stand as it refers to faith and money. Many people put their faith in money, and as we see (and have seen throughout our life) that money comes and goes. The more we understand and know about how to use and utilize money, the better we manage it (no matter if we have $10.00 or $10 million dollars).

A New Faith  

What we believe in carries the foundation for our filters. Stop for a moment and review where your foundation rests. Whether your foundation is hard or soft will become a determining factor for how we respond to life events. The harder the foundation, the better standing strength. The softer the foundation, the easier it is to be swayed, lean, or to fall. As important as what we believe in is why we believe it. Knowledge is the first step towards wisdom. When we know, we become aware. Awareness leads to accountability and responsibility, which is in its purest form… faith.

The New Money System

The current climate has people pulling money out of banks, hoarding their cash, and others filling their bank accounts with more. Regardless of your belief around money, the foundational truth about money is that it is a tool.  The ‘new money system’ is quite frankly understanding how to use the tool. There has been no better time than the present to dive into our toolboxes and sharpen the tools we have. My challenge to you, my readers is to take inventory of the tools we have (and I’m doing this alongside of you) and really put them to great use.   

Merging Faith And Money

The connection between faith and money and how we put them to work inside each of our own lives is a critical piece of creating our own legacy. I talk about legacy a ton – how to create it, cultivate it, and engage in it consistently. No more important in creating legacy is what we believe in and how we put it into practice.  Faith… what we believe in… is the most important factor to everything else that we do. Money is one of the greatest tools we have to impact our world. Here are three ways to think about merging faith and money together.

  1. Define your foundation
  2. Decide your future
  3. Determine your focus

Our foundation is the solid ground we walk on. Our future is where we see ourselves and where we want to ‘end up’ in life. Our focus is the path we take to get there. Focus helps create plans. Plans create goals. Goals move us forward. Today we can define – decide – determine what our tomorrow looks like.

I would love to know your thoughts. Comment below and lets keep the dialogue going.