With the cutthroat competition going around, it is not easy to keep up with ever increasing new technologies it’s of paramount importance to create a unique identity for you, and so has Danish Maniyar. This young budding talent is not only knocking doors of success but is ripping them apart from his sheer dedication and hard work. Let us know some surprising facts about him.

Danish hails from the most beautiful part of the country, NDB (Maharashtra). Born and brought up in the serenity of the mystic clouds and beautiful nature around him being grounded is the best attribute about him. He has already made a massive mark for him in digital marketing and celebrity management. Danish believes that any marketing done through the electronic devices will stand apart from others, and that’s why digital marketing will be the future for India and other developing nations as well.

Being an entrepreneur, he understands the importance of decision making and having clarity over businesses. He says it is necessary to make mistakes which give him the unmeasurable experience to prepare for the future. Danish himself is a thorough reader and has useful insights on general and current affairs. He has excellent business acumen and is an astute professional to work with is simply awesome.

The cherry on the top is when it comes with a great sense of humour! Starting from the base levels, today Danish has set him a great working environment with an office based out of NDB. He has not only worked with many reputed companies but with many big Bollywood celebrities for music promotions, concerts and other social media marketing activities. Some of his hobbies include cricket, gyming, travelling, connecting with people. He has been fortunate to visit places like Jaipur, UAE and almost entire India and yet desires to travel around the world.

Danish always believes a healthy body is a companion to a healthy mind, so he regularly workouts in the gym and is a fitness freak. In addition to cricket he also enjoys playing volleyball and badminton, these all sports help him some or the other way in being active.