There is so much to learn from people around us and the many success stories that we keep listening to almost every day from across different industries and fields of the world. Ever wondered what could have been the reasons behind these individuals’ exponential rise and success in their chosen industries. Of course, there are multiple factors, but what helps people excel beyond boundaries is the right mix of passion, determination and creative skills, with some madness added to it.

This pure love and passion, along with harnessing the power of one’s creative skills and talents, give people a chance to lead by example, be it in any field or sector. When people talk about artistic fields like modelling and acting, they also mention about how youngsters show their genius and determinedly move ahead in displaying their astonishing talents to the world.

“Having a creative mind goes ahead in helping people do new things, especially in case of artists, which allows them to engage with themselves that helps them take a step closer to attaining their full potential,” says Schirin Thoma, who is the face of the Maestro Kid brand and an artist, whose drawing was transformed into a dress by the famous Olga IF, which ultimately got presented by Russian singer, actress and TV presenter Anna Kalashnikova at an event in Moscow.

As a young creative talent, she highlights that to reach the next level of success as an artist overall; people need to focus on certain practices that can help them increase their creative potential and become better versions of themselves as professionals and individuals. Below, she suggests people to incorporate the best creative practices for increasing their creative potential.

• Be naive: It is said that higher IQ in individuals is generally not correlated to higher creative traits in them. Though creative people tend to be smart, they must also be naive and always be excited to learn new things to feed their curious minds. A combination of being smart and naive means knowing which ideas to pursue and which to rework on.

• Be rebellious: Creativity is not something that can be caged within just one definition. It can mean different things to different people. Individuals must think out of the box, be non-conformists and be a little rebellious to push the envelope, discover newer possibilities in their art and develop newer art.

• Be focused: Most of the creative professionals develop the greatest ideas when they are either resting or are just quietly reflecting upon certain topics in their work. Having a great energetic mind is important, but having a focused vision is also necessary, where people can work upon their imaginations and allow their minds to wander.

Apart from the points mentioned above, people can also work towards being more passionate, sometimes objective, sensitive and most importantly joyful, says Schirin Thoma, who, with practicing these things, could work as a young model across cities, apart from excelling in her art as a dancer, and actor.