One of the main reasons to visit the Dentist, especially during adulthood, is to obtain information and request a dental implant. When you have suffered from a severe problem in your teeth and the dental piece has been impossible to repair or recover dental implants Dubai are the best options to repair the damage and to improve dental aesthetics at the same time.

In this sense, it is essential to emphasize that the implant is not only performed to look better but also serves an important role. The mouth can perform its proper function and usually, helping to improve the bite and, consequently, it is possible to obtain Good dental health. Check with your Implantologist in Dubai and ask him/her which dental implants are the best before you go for any procedures.

Types of dental implants

Endo-bone dental implants

This type of dental implant that is used most frequently and works by placing the implant in the inner part of the jaw bone or the maxillary bones. It has the advantage that its durability is quite extensive and gives the tooth a natural appearance. Three different types of Endo-bone implants can be found.

Cylindrical in shape: as the name implies, they have a circular shape and placed inside the bone. They have the advantage of having small perforations that make the bone continue its healthy growth, helping the implant to remain in the right place.

In sheets or screw-shaped: it is the most used type of implant and is based on a screw made of titanium, which is a bone compatible metal. It can be placed depending on the patient’s need, either by a single tooth or continuously.

Immediate loading dental implant: it has the advantage that an opening should not be made in the gum to be able to place the implant because it is placed directly in the socket, indicated place to put the dental piece once the tooth is finished implant placement

Second-stage dental implants: it involves a surgical intervention where tooth replacement is performed. The first part consists of placing the implant in the bone, and then the abutment must be screwed onto the implant and then fasten the crown.

Subperiosteal Dental Implants

They are also known as tuxta-bone implants and are made up of a metal frame that must be placed in the jaw bone so that it can be below the gum. It has the advantage of having the shape of the edge of the bone, which allows the specialist to place the implant correctly.

Do you need a dental implant? Dental Insurance could be your ally

Oral health is one of the most critical aspects in the lives of people and sometimes affected by several different problems that damage the teeth and even, resulting in the loss of teeth. If you are in a group of people who need to replace the dental loss with an implant, Dental Insurance can be your salvation.

We know that the placement of this type of implant generates a high monetary cost because the consultations before, during and after the procedure and the implant itself, imply a high financial investment that can affect your economy.