Thanksgiving is going to be tough in 2020, as it is one time of the year when you invite your near and dear ones and share a meal with them. The ongoing pandemic has restricted travel in several regions and maintaining social distancing means you will have to downsize your celebration, which could be heart-breaking for many turning this joyous occasion into a sad one. 

In such a time when your near and dear ones cannot come to visit you, you may feel low which is why taking care of your mental health is essential which can be done with the help of the following tips. 

1. Prepare all the Thanksgiving Delicacy:

Yes, your entire family is not around, but why miss the chance of celebrating with the people who are near you? Thanksgiving is a festival you celebrate at home, which is highly beneficial as, during this pandemic when the government insists people stay home, this is one festival that can be celebrated while remaining safe at home. Prepare all of your favorite Thanksgiving dishes to enjoy with your family.

2. Arrange for a Conference Dinner:

Yes, your extended family and other members are unable to visit you for Thanksgiving, but why not ask all of them to organize for dinner at their place separately and arrange for a group video call with everyone? It would be still like all of you are eating and enjoying the evening together.

3. Look Forward:

The current scenario is not going to stay forever, remember that, and stay hopeful for the future. This is just a year you are missing the celebrations. Hopefully next year you will again be able to gather around the dinner table with your near and dear ones and celebrate thanksgiving with a blast.

4. Seek Help:

Sometimes it is good to seek help from experts who can help you process the current scenario better. Mindleap app is a great way to become more mindful of your mental health as it allows you to track your mood, habits, and emotions each day within the app and see your progress over time.

5. Sleep Well:

Taking care of mental health is incomplete without the inclusion of sleep. It is tough to be sound asleep when you have ten thoughts in your mind. There is a major relation between mental health and sleep, which is why you should make sure not to take your worries to bed. Insomnia can lead to mental health issues, which will further make you restless and you will have sleepless nights. This becomes a vicious cycle which you need to avoid from the beginning.

Remember, Thanksgiving is about thanking each other as well as the universe and you should be thankful this year because you have survived the toughest time of the pandemic. Stay positive and show gratitude towards what you have. Surrounding yourself with positivity will not just uplift your mood but also vibrate positive affirmation to the universe which will help in keeping you further safe in these trying times.


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