Oh the drama of life. I still fall prey to the alluring pull of the stories we all make up about life. Stories about right and wrong. Good and bad. My team versus your team.

To my human eye, the events in the US look mind boggling. A global pandemic that the government seems happy to ignore, parts of the US burning to the ground, an election packed full of conspiracy theories, and the prospect of protests and unrest no matter which direction the election takes. Cross the oceans, and these events may pale in comparison to worldwide crises.

How do I reconcile our divine-spiritual origin when the pictures before me look bleak?

All major religions of the world teach that we’re made in the image and likeness of our creator. We’re so much more than what the physical picture implies.

Hold this thought:

The chaos of the material world is created by the human mind, not the divine mind. I remind myself of the true nature of being by taking my eyes off the physical picture and observing nature.

When I need a reminder of the truth of being, I look to nature because in the midst of human chaos, nature keeps on nature-ing.

While the humans struggle, nature keeps doing her thing.

Blossoms unfold.
One season rolls into the next.
Animals eat, sleep, and reproduce.
Rain is followed by sun. Sun is followed by rain.

My pineapple plants grew fruit in spite of COVID-19.

Nature has the blessed gift of existing without attachment to the dramas playing out in the world. She demonstrates the truth of existence. This inspires me.

Life is real.
rogress is the norm.
Beauty is eternal.
Harmony is the rule.
Truth reigns supreme.

The suffering of our stories feels real, but it’s man-made.

I would be remiss to ignore injustices. I stand firm and take action against bigotry, disrespect, greed, violence, and disregard for the environment. These are all products of the human ego-mind.

Nature is driven by the higher-spiritual Mind. I work to remember that, like nature, we’re capable of simply being. Being, in the spiritual sense, and demonstrating Truth, Life, and Love.

Spend time appreciating and taking wisdom from nature.

Nature is simple yet powerful, uncomplicated yet intricate, and it’s beautiful in its existence. It’s spectacular simply for being. This is your design too.

You have all the same astonishing qualities as nature. All of humanity possesses these qualities, and we share our divine origin.When current events try to convince you otherwise, go be part of nature and take comfort from her. Model her.

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