I am BBFeenix, Healing Singer and Speaker. It’s taken me many hours of soul-searching, meditation, and general exploration of myself to find this answer. I’ve had to question every belief and thought, that I had once believed to be the gospel truth and question whether it was my own belief, or thought, or one that parents, society or an external factor had bestowed upon me.

Have you ever asked yourself that question lately? Who Am I? The reason I ask you this, is because I have had to ask myself this question many times over, to pull myself from survival mode to thriving. By asking myself this question, a lot, it’s led me on a path of self discovery and huge personal growth.

it’s not easy to question yourself to that depth but it is the most important thing you can do for yourself. By turning inwards and filling up your cup to overflowing, you can then offer the excess to all those around you and allow them to help themselves too. There’s nothing more empowering.

By taking myself on this magical mystery tour true my life, I have discovered some huge depths, treasures and not so nice traits about myself. I’ve discovered my strengths and abilities such as being able to cope under hugely stressful situations. Being able to improve my mental health from a state of not worthy, unable to focus and work efficiently, to being able to control my thoughts, re-gain control over my life and sore to unimaginable heights. Having successes like never before and belief in myself, Has gained me the confidence I need to approach any circumstance in life with ease, grace and flow.

If you would like to learn how to fly like a Feenix/ Phoenix, get in touch and I will share my secrets to this success.