All my life, I thought I was an extrovert. No, an introvert. No, an ambivert. What am I? Who am I? A mix of all or something else? A happy person but with an enormous chunk of solitude internally. I always thought I was a bit different from others, one second, I was a chatterbox, and the next second was like a mum monk. A loner who wanted to be understood, wanted to be heard or, someone who was not overshadowed and enveloped in others’ glory—an overwhelming surge of questions preyed upon my thinking for the longest time.

I vividly remember as a growing teenager I used to take my notepad, a plate full of fruits and used to find my cozy private corner on my house’s terrace. My creative juices used to pour in at full speed; I used to fill the papers, top to bottom, with my jumbled up thoughts. I had no idea what I was doing; all I knew, I was gulping the apples, the oranges, and mangoes with my gray cells working in different directions. My heart used to go on a roller coaster ride, but I did not stop.

I AM, are two of the most powerful words that shape us externally and internally. Things happen in life, that’s okay. People disappoint us, that’s okay. We disappoint ourselves, that’s okay. Have no doubt that we all are unique and have something very prized to offer each other. Take the time out, peek within yourself, ignore the external noise and clutter; you will be pleasantly surprised to say hello to yourself!

Embalm your wounds.
Roll out the red carpet for yourself.
Enshrine yourself forever in your heart.
Honor the promises you made to yourself.

Always count yourself #1.

Who am I
An amalgamation
Illusory and whimsical
Concrete and subliminal
Who am I
A tank full of emotions
An ocean full of love
A force beyond the sun
A force beyond the moon
A force beyond the bounds
A force looking beyond the horizon
Who am I
A dancing ballerina
Inundated in hope
Inundated in desire
Inundated in solitude
Who am I
Black and white
Flawed and warped
Confounded with shades of gray
Beyond the realm of reality
Who am I
With a numb smile
Frozen chuckles
Shattered bonds
Yet self-assured
Yet empathetic
Yet sanguine
Who am I
A soul tiptoeing
A soul yearning
A soul-seeking
A soul unearthing
Who am I
A whiff of air
A lost droplet
A stumbled rock
Who am I
Soaked in my reflection
Immersed in my flame
Igniting the fire
Smoking cinders
Drenched in nature’s symphonies
Ruminating and musing
In the quest
To search
Who am I
Living with a zeal
Ardently waiting
To close this chapter
With acceptance, grace, and cheer