As a country, we are struggling. People are divided. In a world of biases, conflicts, lies, and media corruption, it can become a negative atmosphere to exist in. In all of the history of the United States, I and my fellow American’s have never seen such arguing and disagreement between many different groups and parties.

     However, I am happy to tell you there is hope for our country. It doesn’t lie in the Government, or businesses, no, it’s something else. The hope for our country is our Millenial’s. To be quite honest, they get a pretty bad rap from older generations. People are slowly realizing that soon, Millenial’s will be the back bone of our nation. They will be our business owners, our lawmakers, and future contributing American’s. In fact, according to, there are 75.4 million Millenial’s in our country, while baby boomers are only at 74.9 million.

     So what makes Millenial’s so great? Why are they the hopeful future of our country. To put it quite simply, Millenial’s are dreamers. They are young people filled with hope, ambition, creativity, positivity, and most importantly, a will to shape our country for the better. Me, being a Millennial can attest to this. At age 21, I’ve developed a website and a blog where I write about intriguing topics that come to my mind multiple times a day. Millennial’s want a different, no they demand a different way of life. They aspire to be free, and the end the oppression of the 9-5, and the lack of creativity we have come to grow used to. Millennial’s are future business owners, philanthropists, home makers, and thought provoking people. They’ve opened a line of communication that has been long closed; feelings. This generation is making it okay to talk about it, because why shouldn’t we? Why shouldn’t we express ourselves in a way that makes our lives better, and the lives of other people better.

     Even greater, the young adults have brought something back as a normal pass time that has long since disappeared in a world of television and electronics. Millennial’s are writing, they are reading, and they are on track to be one intelligent age group. Writing and reading is such an understated pass time. Writing and reading can help reduce the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s, an epidemic plaguing our nation. I predict that Millennial’s will be one of the longest living generations that will change the way American’s, and the world think.

     So before you bash Millennial’s, realize this. They are educated, empowered, creative souls who will stop at nothing to make their lives, and the lives of others better. They will do everything in their power to make this a healthier, happier life.

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