Have you ever been asked, “Who are you?”

I have, many times.

I remember one time in particular, as I was being interviewed on a podcast, the host said, “Who are you?”

Instantly I wanted to give a single answer to such question, but then I realized that I was so much more than that.

As I sat there, in silence, with my hands interlocked, pondering on how to answer the question, I began to think…

I am authentic.

I am resourceful.

I am kind.

I continued to rattle off the tip of my tongue what appeared to be a never-ending list of values, beliefs and experiences that identified who I was.

Answering the question made me realize that I am complex. Although I may choose to identify myself as only one thing, I truly am so many things all wrapped into one person.

I am the byproduct of multiple identities and will continue to grow in that way.

It made me realize that my identity is an ongoing process, not meant to be answered with a single label. How could I be just one single thing at any point in my life? I am so much more than that.

When asked, “Who are you?” how do you answer such question?

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