Have you ever noticed when you judge someone else, you are activating a level of arrogance within you?

Have you wondered when you become upset why that really is?

Is it that your partner didn’t take out the rubbish bin and he should know better?

Or perhaps you’ve arrived at work and your boss pays no attention — the prick!

Or perhaps an attractive girl walks past and you think to yourself, hmm l could never be like that?

May be it’s time to look at life with a different lens.

What if l shared with you that when you lie to yourself or dislike an aspect of you then you’ll get an emotional charge from someone else’s behavior.

We actually only see that which we are.

What if we embraced the quality within us therefore people with the same quality were no longer able to plug into you?

Are you a Victim or Volunteer?

What’s the gift that you have not uncovered, owned or embraced as yet?

What if our very thoughts, the words we spoke or the advice we give was the very gift we needed to give to ourselves?

What if we honored our own thoughts, our unconscious desires and attended our own lectures ?

What if we found the golden egg?

What if we became our own hero?

What if we took back the parts of us that we had given away?

What if we projected our greatness?

Imagine what our world would be like?

What if we owned our truth that there is no one on earth like you?

Life is precious.

Our existence priceless.

There is a Hindu proverb that says that there are three extraordinary mysteries of the world — air to birds, water to fish and mankind to himself.

Imagine if we opened our eyes and saw each other.

Imagine if we for a moment opened our hearts and lifted each other.

Imagine a moment in time where we live being driven by compassion and human connection.

Isn’t it time that our world needs a little more.


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Originally published at www.huffingtonpost.com on September 25, 2016.

Originally published at medium.com