You think as if some outside force is running the show of the Universe. You want to be relieved by knowing. This insistence of knowing, this idea of some outside force saves the mind from experiencing the discomfort of any disliked situation as if someone else is responsible. It overlooks the resistance it experiences and wants to remain pleased, consoled, relieved. Can you see that you are simply seeking relief by coining such ideas?

Once you see that there is no escape, whole responsibility is on you.

‘You and the world’ is seen as one process.

But then who has created this Universe, this Existence?

This is simply a thought arising in the mind.

Any answer will simply satisfy or dissatisfy you. It can not go further. Can you see that thinking is not the total field? Senses see, touch, listen and so on, breathing in and out is going on, there is memory and imagination and thoughts arising in the mind.

Can you see that this is the Total Field?

 Then what about ideas about God and so on?

 You may name the total field as God but the total field is not an object or something, you can refer. You can not separate yourself from the total field and discuss about the total field. You and the world is a singular process, is the total field. What ever comes before you including stars, galaxies and so on can not be the source. It is an object. It can have some use, function. To come to the source, the subject (you) is also to be included. To see that subject-object is a singular process rests all seeking.

The mystery starts unfolding.