Influencer twirling son

I’m an influencer as my chosen profession. I’m supposed to be gathering followers not encouraging unfollows. It’s time for me to be a good person rather than just another content creator. Would you like to know who I think you should unfollow in 2020?

I think you should unfollow anyone who makes you feel like less than an awesome person. Unfollow the influencers.   

Hear me out. I’m a parenting influencer and I’m told daily how wonderful my photos are and how clean my house is. It makes me feel good yes, but then I feel like a liar. You guys aren’t seeing the pile of laundry that I cropped out of the instagram photo, or the stain that I used the photoshop bandaid tool to remove. You only see what I want you to see. I have a folder on my phone full of fun beautiful beach photos ready to post, I don’t go to the beach daily. Today I posted a relaxing cute beach photo of my children, when I’ve actually been scrubbing bathroom floors and folding the endless laundry of three children.

This is how most influencers are, I can’t speak for all of us but I haven’t met a real life perfect mom.   I’ve met thousands of awesome moms, but not one was perfect. Stop comparing yourself to us, we are liars.

I actually don’t think you should wait until 2020, I think you should unfollow anyone who makes you feel bad right now. Do I make you feel bad about yourself? By all means please unfollow me right this moment. 

Who do I think you should follow in 2020? This is the fun part. Social media is supposed to be fun, thought provoking, creative, and insightful.  Follow artists, scientists, writers, poets, great thinkers, activists, and musicians. Follow people who make you laugh or teach you something wonderful. Follow people who makes you feel good about life or question the status quo.