Moses Dixon is an advocate, a collaborator, a teacher, and a Christian. He has spent more than a decade of his life dedicated to developing a more in-depth understanding of how to best improve the lives of the impoverished, at-risk, and suffering. 

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Dixon’s career began soon after he graduated from Howard University with a Bachelor’s in Political Science. He had some experience as a legislative fellow with the United States Senate, where he had worked with the diversity initiative in 2009/2010. This work provided him with hands-on experience with the policy-making process. He worked to promote diversity through recruitment and succession of minority staffers at all levels, and Moses developed excellent networks throughout the senate to that end. During this time, he was also an assistant to then-Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Moses Dixon found that his educational background wasn’t enough for him or his aspirations, and he continued to Clark University, where he pursued a Master’s Degree which would provide him further access and certification. While he worked towards this degree, his governmental career would continue with work alongside Worcester City Councilor Sarai Rivera. He would earn his degree in 2013 and move on from this work position.

For the next year, he would work extensively throughout Massachusetts, with a major portion of his work being with the MA House of Representatives. With representative Mary Keefe, he worked in a more managerial role, supervising staff and interns, as well as managing a large amount of correspondence and day-to-day functions.

In 2015, he turned his sights back towards education, finding his curiosity and passions had re-aligned towards continuing his path towards a doctorate. He began to work as an Adjunct Professor at Becker College, teaching Political Science Topics. As an Adjunct, he had the time and interest in working with Centro, Inc – a social services organization in Worcester, Massachusetts. There he worked closely with the president and CEO to develop and strategize more fruitful relationships with officials and government agencies.

Moses Dixon’s work toward a Ph.D. began in full towards the end of this period when he entered a program with the State University of New York at Binghamton. His doctoral program allowed him to further develop an understanding of the interdisciplinary nature of community development. His thesis emphasized this, looking at the economic and social impact of college closure on a community. He has taught as a graduate student, earning respect and knowledge as he educated on topics such as Human Rights Theory and minority-serving institutions in higher education. With his doctorate, he expects to continue in his career with a greater understanding of the work he does, and more foresight in how to best make use of his resources.

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