May was the Mental Health Awareness month & what a perfect timing given the situation across the globe.

We all now value the word freedom, we all value the friends, family, jobs & the world at large.

But this time has also introduced us to someone else – Our own true identity?

Who are you really?

An optimist? A pessimist? A cribber? An observer?

And beyond these labels a million other emotions.

In psychology there is a term called Ego & Alter ego, alter ego being that of someone that we think we are, and surfaces once in a while.

In the world of Manifesting, it’s called your Ideal self, your Power self

This image when thought of, when envisioned directs our actions & decisions in a more thought of manner.

Eg, if you woke up and decided to “ACT” as a CEO, would your day change? Would the things you did change? Would you react to situations with a ‘can-do’ attitude more often?

So this month, take some time to sit, reflect & ask yourself, who is that Ideal you? How would the CEO of my Life function?

How would the CEO of my life respond to the situation outside?

Make a list of the qualities you as the OWNER of your life would possess.

 What are the values you function by, how do you present yourself in situations like so?

Then take a kind look at your current state & ask her/him to slowly take shape into the ideal self

We aren’t FIXED characters, we can learn & evolve, we can choose & evolve or we can be just there & still take another shape

Because the world around us is impacting the way we think, we act & respond.

So take back your power today, by choosing what you would want to think, feel & BE.

Until the next time,

Love & Light          


-Mental Health expert – Dubai