I’m going to go out on a limb and say you are not in control of your life story.

(Well, you are reading this, right?)

Over 80% of people say they feel stuck in a rut in life and at work according to According to Rasmussen College. It seems exaggerated and crazy, but then you stop to think about how you feel. Are you content with where you are at?

There is only one reason why you feel stuck in a rut and its YOU. Yes, you and you alone. And here’s why.

You need to realize you have the power to control your life (and destiny)

There’s a hard working bank teller named Robert who has been with the bank over 25 years. One day the owner of the bank comes in and he and Robert start talking. They talk for almost an hour. All the other bank tellers are in awe and shock. They cannot believe the owner of the bank is spending so much time talking to Robert. When he leaves the other bank tellers ask Robert, “What were you talking about?” Robert answers, “Oh, we know each other from childhood. We were best friends.” The bank tellers are more curious now than ever. They ask, “If you are such good friends why are you a bank teller and he is the owner of the bank?” Robert replies, “Because he always wanted to be an owner of a bank and I decided to just take whichever job would have me.”

You each have the power to control your destiny. Yes, it might get off course from time to time. It’s up to you to persevere and get it back on track. Don’t let someone else author your life story. If you do, you won’t ever be happy with the ending.

You need to change your attitude

Once you acknowledge that you can control your destiny then it becomes much easier to change your attitude about your life and work. Your attitude needs to be positive and encouraging in all aspects — meaning to others and yourself. Being kind to yourself and limiting the negative self talk is probably the largest hurdle to overcome. There are great resources available to help you with this online (check out Positive Self Talk Resources) and you can always consider investing in a personal development coach.

You need to make changes rather than complaining

You ever been in a meeting at work and someone continuously complains but never offers a solution. Frustrating and annoying, right?

Well, if you are unhappy with your life and you don’t do anything to change it, you but you are that person. (Hate to be the bearer of bad news!) Three actions to help you make changes immediately are:

  1. Take time to document what you want to change. Be clear in your statements and purpose of the change.
  2. Brainstorm
    ways you could do things differently. This doesn’t mean you have to do
    it. It doesn’t mean you won’t do it. Simply let the ideas flow. Write
    down everything — even the actions that don’t seem natural to you or
    your personality. That is the point of this exercise — you’re supposed to step out of your box.
  3. Try
    them out. One by one, starting with the one most comfortable to you try
    them out for 24–48 hours. See how it feels. Notice your mood, others’
    responses to your behavior, your eating habits, your sleeping patterns.
    If it works keep doing it and add in another “way” from your list. If it
    doesn’t work, toss it and try another “way” on your list. It’s about
    persistence. Without continuous trial and error you will never succeed.

If you can put these three things into practice you will have a new perspective on your life. You will have freedom. You will now become the only author of your life. You will be looked to as someone with courage, conviction, faith and perseverance.

Now stop reading and go write your list!

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