Singing is one of my greatest passions. I was inspired to post a personal mission statment on Instagram, the day of the great Aretha Franklin’s passing. May she rest in peace.  This post required my practicing what I teach; leaning into my discomfort.

Learning how to use social media as a marketing tool for both my day and night job, has been an interesting journey.  Research has shown us negative effects social media can on an individual’s well-being, if they are not mindful of their intentions and of their attachments.  I have been aware since the beginning, which has created a tentativeness in sharing too much of myself. What is too much and how do we keep our ego in check when using social media to market ourselves?   The ego is a complicated aspect of our personality and it requires on-going supervision so as not to become unruly and controlling. Therefore, I’ve relied on my value system to guide me in my journey of posting. My values are the path I walk upon and keep my aligned with my truth.  They support me unfailingly, in fulfilling my purpose on this earth, which can only be accomplished when I am being true to myself, living with integrity from the inside out. 

Below is the post I shared; my truth… May it inspire you to speak yours….

  • imanlkhan??Singing is one of my greatest passions.
    Aretha Franklin’s passing today inspired this post. RIP. ❤️
    ? From my earliest memory, it’s been a part of who I am. Though not my day job, it’s been my side job. ~
    People have said, you must chose one thing, to be successful at it.
    I don’t agree. ~
    In the spirit of John Mayer’s tune “Who Says;” who says I can’t perform on stage in a wig and dance by night?? and be a professional counselor by day? ?
    Who says I can’t lead a workshop on the brain’s neuroplasticity and sing cover tunes at an open mic in the city? Who says I can’t blend my passion for singing with my professional career work, helping people find their passions. NOT ME! ?
    ? If you’re walking this earth people, this is your one life as you know it to be. Don’t waste time wondering if only… ??‍♂️ Don’t spend countless moments worrying what conventional society tells you how to live.
    Know yourself, accept who you are; all your sides… the world needs all of you. ~
    Define your values, know what’s important and make choices accordingly. Don’t listen to those who tell you can’t or you shouldn’t.
    Be clear, be open, be kind and be honest. Trust the process.
    You will find a way or that way, will FIND YOU. ~ *photo credit Dan Kazinski Photography ????
    @dankazinski @johnmayer
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