Who will RISE AND THRIVE during this unprecedented time for everyone, everywhere? Thrive is a verb that means to grow vigorously and flourish. This applies to organizations, individuals or health. THRIVE is at the heart of this global experiment of working from home in the middle of a pandemic. Now is the ultimate testing ground for personal, professional and humanitarian leadership. What needs to grow within you, your organization and your body? How are you using this “shelter in” to improve your life? Are you practicing resiliency and building new habits that will sustain you beyond this time?

What beliefs have you already formed about what this time is negatively doing TO YOU, versus what it might do FOR YOU? What good can come of this? Who will find and utilize their grit, creativity, resourcefulness and heart centered leadership? Organization’s who break out of the old bricks and mortar mentality and embrace new creative, innovative solutions will thrive. Individuals who spend this time engaging in healthy self-care habits to build their immune system will flourish and grow through this time.

What if you got more sleep? What if you finished those books by your bedside that call out to you every time you see them? What if you turned off the TV and media and spent time doing things that free your guilt or “should list?”

Yes this sucks, and it’s hard. It’s incredibly challenging on so many fronts for each and everyone of us and those we care about. It’s also ripe with opportunity to RISE AND THRIVE. This is an experiment and thus it’s helpful to name the outcomes you would like to have. Try something new to get that result. If it fails to give you the result you wanted, shift and try one thing different. Continue being curious and exploring throughout this experiment. All the while, noting what you’re learning along the way.

Linda Newlin is a master certified coach, HR strategic partner and leadership development consultant, speaker and author of several books helping leaders, parents and individuals of all ages learn life changing skills to navigate life more fully present and effectively. Her latest book is hitting the mark around the world with scientifically proven tips and tools for managing stress, resilience, parenting effectiveness, leading remotely, improved sleep and radical self-care. WFH: Working From Home: A THRIVAL GUIDE tm for Challenging Times and Beyond priced for our times $2.99 ebook or $4.95 Paperback https://smile.amazon.com/WFH-Working-Thrival-Challenging-Beyond-ebook/dp/B086P36XSK/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=wfh+working+from+home&qid=1585925413&sr=8-2

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