There must be something in the air!  

September for many people is the start of their own personal new year. A time when the kids go back to school, prepare for the fourth quarter and we all go back to a daily routine.

There has been an interesting topic of conversation in recent weeks as we approach the fall and begin reevaluating strategic plans and annual goals.

Checking our KPI’s to ensure that we are on track for success.

The discussion around key performance indicators quickly changed from business to personal and the fact that we at times may be a little too hard on ourselves as we review our roadmap for success.

Who wrote the rule book?  

The inherent manual we refer to aligns with our core values and serves as a reference guide to how we live life.  It includes the things that we have learned throughout our journey and begins with our families and family life.  Along the way we add and revise the chapters creating a new or authentic direction.

As an exercise in self actualization, I have come to realize the we need to give ourselves permission to change the things that no longer serve us along the way.

Turning opportunities into life’s lessons.

There have been many conversations with those who feel they have been following the rule book and yet are dissatisfied with the results, asking the question:

Who wrote this book? 

Realistically, no one has a manual for life, this is a fictitious document.  What we are really referencing is a personal code of ethics for how we live our life that is connected to our core values.  The lists that often creates healthy boundaries and  non-negotiables as we continue along the journey to personal and professional fulfilment.

It is a mental reference guide that assists with collecting our thoughts as a trusted frame of reference.

If we revise and amend our strategic business plan without any hesitation then why not apply the same principle to our personal manual writing a new chapter or revising content that supports our current lifestyle choices and starts a new conversation? 

Giving ourselves permission to write a new book will enhance not only our journey but the roadmap we pass along to the next generation as we share the experiences that creates a legacy by living a life of authenticity and gratitude.

We become thankful for the lessons learned and begin to look for the opportunities created by amending the pages in the book. 

As a little food for thought, perhaps we need to ask ourselves this question from time to time:

Who writes the chapters in my rule book and when was the last revision? 

Your personal manual, will ultimately support your current and future success.

“Celebrate your passion, live with purpose and support your core values by navigating the business of your business.” 

Trish Tonaj is a Master Coach Practitioner, and Certified Coach Trainer offering keynotes and workshops on Mentorship…breaking barriers, starting new conversations and creating a new definition for success.