As the world changes, I find myself in a constant state of renewal not only in my self but all inhabitants of planet earth and my own relationship to all of it suddenly seems so much more profound.

As I begin to witness the cycles and seasons of my own heart I’m learning in this moment to enjoy, remember and indulge my senses again to all the joy I have shared over the years and for the first time really understand what it means to LET GO everything else and hand it all up and over to universal care whom I sure will do better at it then I have over the years .

I am really feeling the almighty power of love as I sit in reflection on not myself for a change but for everyone out there wondering if others are also having this internal communion that is holy in its capacity to release loves power ALL over me unhindered ,being aware our our collective fragility,sensitivity and the delicate balance of swings and roundabout emotions as a day to day basis experience of all seasons in a day kinda feeling.

I see now how we are all serving each other to grow and heal as we step more into unity and renewed faith in our own self and humanity as we see the rising of hearts everywhere and the hero inside that’s been waiting for its moment to shine.

Somewhere in our lost wanderings we are stepping toward true union finding our own expression of love through the joining with others as we speak kindness,express gratitude,savour this goodness for all the moments we are yet to meet when I may feel alone again,afraid or without the comfort of another so it will nourish me all over again.

I’m going deeper into the oceon of me right now more than ever before ,she’s black, fluid, moving in the void ,a gentle welcome calling me to her source

Come,come, come home to yourself and invite others to meet you in the void where all things are birthed and dreams manifest into possibilities.

Love is where we are reborn through the beauty we can find in the chaos where we meet our need for joining,where we realise we need each other ,coming back to wholeness, finally knowing what it is to be rejoicing, celebrating and walking open arms toward this new beginning ,Family as one on earth


All love cheaya