With AreBe’s and Step Up’s consultancy, coaching and workshops moving on-line, I have rearranged my home office. This, therefore, had to be relocated.  Made by my late Grandfather about 20 years ago, it is a replica of the shop where he made boots and shoes, with his Father, as a teenager in the 1920s. 

As a leadership coach I frequently talk about role models, helping clients to gain another perspective using the ‘what would your role model do or say in this situation’? My Grandad had a huge influence on me so today I have been thinking what he would be saying right now.

Three of his favourite phrases came to mind:

“If you can do something about it do it, if not stop worrying about it” This concept of identifying those things you can control and focusing on those is a regular theme in coaching people, particularly around overwhelm, stress and negative thoughts – it’s coming up a lot at the moment. 

“Got to keep going – mustn’t grumble”. He was exceptionally determined and optimistic, living to 100 and walking everyday rain or snow for as long as his legs kept him upright. He saw the best in people and life’s events – he would be looking for positives at the moment.

“Do as you would be done by” Later in life he made callipers and medical appliances for the people of Brum, in fact both of my Grandparents worked for the NHS and they were two of the warmest, most thoughtful people I have known.  Pretty sure, even in their later years, they would have been shopping for the neighbours.

How are you role modeling right now and whose influence are you drawing on?

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  • Rachel Birchmore

    Strategic marketing adviser | Coach to leaders, managers and business owners |Co coach for the Step Up leadership development programme