Young attractive woman in Dandasana pose against floor window

Here are 6 good reasons and surprising facts that will motivate you to work on your posture immediately.

1. Posture – Just look good

The difference is clear!

The importance of posture is completely underestimated. Unfortunately. For most people, being attractive and sexy means having a flat stomach, tight buttocks or slimmer legs. But good posture much more decisive for an attractive appearance is often forgotten. The effect of posture is completely underestimated and most people only become aware of it when the Tinder Date or Instagram Girl is no longer a pretty (edited) photo, but stands in front of you with a vulture neck, humpback or knock knees. It’s a shame that the “attitude” is still often neglected. The quickest way to look better is to improve your own posture. Raising the breastbone doesn’t even take a second and changes your effect extremely. On the other hand, how long does it take to build up visibly more muscles or significantly reduce fat?

You immediately look more attractive when you improve your posture. An upright posture is sexy. You can improve your posture quickly and easily.

Studies show that body language plays the biggest role in the effect on other people (55%), the sound of your voice has the second biggest effect (38%) and only 7% what you say – your words. Your posture and gestures influence your voice (that’s why opera singers always stand upright in a top posture). An open, upright, good posture is convincing and exudes self-confidence. It helps you to successfully master job interviews, presentations, disputes or sales talks.

2. Posture and back health

But the importance of posture is not only underestimated, the problem of posture in our society is growing! What is clear – the everyday work of many people usually leads to a deterioration in posture. The problem: Many of us spend 8 hours or more sitting down every day. Such an “office back” quickly manifested itself.

Even without an office job, we just sit too much!  At the breakfast table, on the train or in the car to work, during lunch break, on the way home in the car, on the equipment in the gym and then in the evening at the dining table and in front of the TV. It’s poison for posture. By the way, standing at work are just as stressful and not a bit better for posture. The result of our monotonous everyday physical activity: 85 percent of the German population have back pain at least once in their life. Bad posture and our sedentary lifestyle are one cause of this. Those who move a lot in everyday life suffer less from back pain.

3. Performance in sports

Ballerina on the pole with optimal posture. Ballet is all about posture!

In the children’s ballet, I with other children walked through the room with pillows on our heads – to playfully learn the feeling for an upright posture and for the next 10 years, most of the corrections my ballet teacher made was all about the posture. “Belly in, shoulders back “Butt tight!” It was always like that: if the posture was right, everything else was no longer a problem. Pirouettes, jumps, complicated sequences of steps. The teacher was just right! With good posture, correct execution will be a sure-fire success. And that doesn’t just apply to dancing, but to most sports.

As a trainer, I experience it every day in my courses. When I correct someone’s posture, the entire sequence of movements suddenly improves. You can only achieve your sporting potential with correct posture, regardless of the type of sport, fitness or strength training. Posture plays a key role in every sport. Of course, good posture isn’t the only factor that will bring out your best performance. But it is the basis for reaching your full potential. This is hardly possible with a crooked, crooked, unbalanced body. Neither physically nor mentally.

4. An upright posture brings energy

An upright posture improves the uptake of oxygen and you breathe more effectively. Conversely, the body with a hunched back absorbs less oxygen, as the posture affects the lung volume. Bad, hunched posture also leads to pinching your abdominal organs. As a result, they cannot work optimally and digestion is impaired. An upright position, on the other hand, promotes digestion.

Studies also show that your posture influences the budget of your energy carrier ATP (adenosine triphosphate). ATP gives your muscles, organs and the brain energy. In turn, to make ATP you need oxygen and food. Improved posture gives you more energy overall. Conversely, constant tiredness or lack of energy can also be due to poor posture.

5. Your posture affects your mood

Imagine a depressed, insecure, or anxious person. How is his posture? Probably not upright, but sunken, closed, head bowed.

And what does a happy, confident, courageous person look like? He’s pretty sure he’s standing upright, chest up, open and smiling. The connection is clear: the posture shows outwardly how you feel. The same relationship also works the other way round: your feelings and mood adapt to your posture. Happy people who adopt a depressed posture begin to feel sad. And if you feel sad and imitate a happy posture, you will be better.

6. Your posture affects your self-esteem

Researchers found that slouching or cramped posture was associated with lower levels of the strengthening and slimming hormone testosterone. At the same time, these people had high levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

On the other hand, people with an upright posture have more testosterone and fewer stress hormones in their blood. The mixture of high testosterone and low cortisol levels also has a positive effect on your behaviour: You feel more self-confident, more self-assured and show more willpower.