Do you have a mission? A goal? A dream?

Look, those are all fine . . . but if you really want to get somewhere significant, if you want to end up at the top, if you want to be the Best, you need something with a little more weight to it.

That’s why I create declarations.

I’ve created four of them in my life. My kids create them. All my clients create them.

In fact, I think declarations are so powerful that they make up the first section of my upcoming book, There’s No Plan B for Your A-Game.

Why declarations?

Because the outcome is entirely predictable. Once you make your declaration, you’ll end up at the top.

Let’s get to work on yours now. It all starts in the video below.

Take Action:

There’s no time like the present. What do you want to be the best in the world at? Make your declaration in the comments below! Announcing it in public is the first step to making it real. Don’t forget to use the phrase “the Best” in yours!

One more thing . . .

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