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Dear Me,

Don’t you get excited yet, I am not writing to disclose you the names of stocks that are going to be the most profitable in near future, nor am I revealing you the winning lottery ticket number.

It’s just a simple heart to heart talk to let you know that life is nothing but a mixed bag of opportunities. It’s up to you how you make use of it.

I know, as a teenager, you often get influenced by popular media. Since your mind is very impressionable, you become an easy prey to propaganda of mass media and start idolizing an impossible body type.

As a result you become way too conscious about deficiencies of your own body and start carrying a self image of being an awkward looking and pimply face unattractive person.

This bias in your self image is the reason you find it difficult to strike a conversation with anyone and if that anyone happens to be a member of opposite sex then the task becomes an impossible one.

But don’t you worry because you will eventually turn out to be a handsome young man. Learn to overcome your awkwardness by accepting your true self along with all its present deficiencies.

Don’t kill yourself studying too hard. Once you step into real world you will soon realize that the significance attached to a piece of educational certificate is highly overrated. So don’t get into the trap of running after the grades only.

Make loads of friends, start a movie club, explore theater, pursue an interesting hobby. Because, believe me, the wide spectrum of emotions that you will get to experience doing these so called extracurricular activities is something that you are never going to experience again in your life.

At this age you will never realize that you are blessed to enjoy your uninterrupted quota of 8 hours of sleep.

Once you are grown up, your bag full of worries and endless responsibilities will make 8 hours of sleep something of an impossible dream. So, for now, when your mom ask you to go to bed, please do listen to her.

This entire business of being a responsible student at times can become quite unbearable. Still, Please take out some time out of your busy schedule to explore new things.

The personalized experiences gained through self exploration separates the boys from the men.

Once you are into this unforgiving world of grownups your long list of responsibilities will also keep growing with you. So, it’s better if you could make the most of this opportunity, while you are free from any significant responsibilities.

If you ever wished to develop one single habit that could stay with you forever, please do inculcate the habit of reading. Start reading like there is no tomorrow. Anything that stokes your curiosity and interest should be pursued without an iota of doubt. We all are pretty aware of the limitations of knowing everything about this world through our own personal experiences. Books are a true savior in the sense that, they do help us immensely in broadening our limited perspectives.

The real world of grownups is highly overrated; so please don’t be in a hurry to make an early inroads into this unknown territory. Because, believe it or not one of the most cherished dream of every grownup person is to get an opportunity to relive his childhood again.

So try to enjoy everything that is there at your disposal:

  • Your lovely and caring parents (Who may at times look like an obnoxious traffic cop hell bent on obstructing your fun ride).
  • Your close friends (who may often choose to test your patience with their stupid pranks).
  • Your teachers (Who may behave more obnoxious than your own parents): but believe me even you know that they all have nothing but the best interest of you in mind.

At times your school hours may feel like a never ending prison sentence, but mind you most of your core values often get crystallized by the time you leave your school. The sad part is you got no choice but to live with them for the rest of your life. So please be very mindful of all those core values that you choose to entertain.

If possible, please learn to put your feelings on paper, even if it might end up looking like some random scribbling. Please choose to do it on regular basis. Being able to express your innermost feelings through simple words can feel most liberating and powerful at the same time. You will definitely going to treasure this habit for sure.

Please do keep this in mind that the world in which you are growing wants to standardize everything for its operational efficiency. However there is absolutely no compulsion on your part to comply and confirm to its standardized norms.

As long as you have clarity in your passion, and passionate about your vision, you can very well afford to resist the temptation of being part of an overcrowded work force.

How you choose to spend your free time and weekends will end up playing a critical role in shaping your future. So please utilize this time with utmost creativity.

There is no fixed path to excellence, if you are willing to venture just a little bit out of your comfort zone, you could easily carve a path for yourself (mind you, there is no need to build a highway here).

Do you even know that by the time you are 18, you might have already spent more than 80% of your allotted time with your parents. Once you are sucked into this real world you would hardly be left with less than 20% time to spend with them. Once you grow up, they would always be there for you, but the irony is you would find yourself missing from the scenes quite frequently. So please make the most of your time by creating memorable moments, while you are with your parents.

Love you

Your future self

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