Don’t eat broccoli and cabbage.
Don’t eat gluten, sugar and dairy.
Soy is bad.
Eat more greens… but NOT kale….

The endless barrage of conflicting information about what you should eat when you have thyroid disease is enough to make thyroid brain fog look like a lovely clear summers day!

I get it! I have followed, so many diets in my 27 years of thyroid disease it would make your, already overwhelmed, head spin.

Some worked…. some didn’t.

And it took me a really long time to accept that this is completely normal. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to thyroid disease. We all have this massive array of incredibly different symptoms because thyroid hormone plays a role in almost every cell in our body.
So it makes sense to realise that since we all eat different food, breathe different air, socialise with different people, use different body products and react to stress in different ways that a “one size fits all diet” is not going to work.

And then, just when you think you have found the way of eating that suits you, your body changes and it doesn’t work anymore.

The only thing that will work is if we keep trying to find our own uniquely changing answer. 

Never ever give up, not for one single day.

 Clara Oswald

I have found that this is the hardest part.
The NOT giving up bit.

I remember about 15 years ago, I actually decided the only reason I had thyroid disease was because I was so focused on it, and that if I just pretended I didn’t have it…. you know… stopped identifying with it, that it would just go away.
So I packed up all my expensive thyroid books and gave them to the Well Women’s Shelter and went about my life.
Thank goodness I did not stop taking my medication!

Did it work?
Sadly it didn’t!
And I gave up for awhile.

This is where the story gets surprising!
What did work?
Starting a Thyroid Business!
No, I’m not kidding!

Have a vision for your people that is bigger than the vision they have for themselves.

Dr Gladys Ato

I started Thyroid School.
Suddenly I was doing it for the thousands of other women that were looking to me for ideas and inspiration.
When I am filming videos or writing blog posts about different eating protocols or healing protocols, I have to follow them so that I can report back.

I have taken my thyroid healing out of my personal world and placed it into a community where I learn as much from the people in there as they do from me.

That’s why I now encourage other women to start a Thyroid Business – to take them out of their own heads.
We thyroid people LOOOOVE helping others! It seems to be one of the gifts that come with this disease.

Helping others is a Thyroid Super Power

Kylie Wolfig

When we move in the community of other thyroid people we share and we learn.

And before you ask… a Thyroid Business could come in the form of almost anything, as long as it in some way encourages other people with thyroid disease to find solutions to everyday thyroid issues. Examples may be:

  • Home organiser
  • Thyroid specific catering
  • Self publishing your own Thyroid Story
  • Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free Cake Decorator
  • Fashion Design for larger arms (hands up who needs this besides me?)
  • Developing products that help other thyroid people
  • Starting a Thyroid focused Health Blog
  • Holiday get together cheat sheets, with recipes and shopping lists for foods that help the thyroid but that none of the guests would suspect are restricted.

When we build a community of thyroid businesses, we are so focused on helping other people that we accidentally help ourselves.

That will change our thyroid story quicker than figuring out our ever changing dietary needs.

Isn’t that a wonderful thing?


  • Kylie Wolfig

    Empowering Women with Thyroid Disease to Change their Thyroid Story.

    There is an art to creating a life you love and embracing all that you are. Kylie Wolfig has done just that. With a firsthand understanding of living with Thyroid disease, Kylie’s path to becoming a Naturopath was born out of her deep desire to understand her own health. Over time, Kylie realised that she was most focussed on her own wellbeing when she was working in her business on Thyroid health for others. This realisation highlighted the capacity to naturally attain balance in life and from there the desire to assist others find that balance in their own lives was born. Working with clients in her membership platform Kylie is known for offering solutions that are easy. Talking in language that makes sense, keeping things simple and positive are Kylie’s strengths. In her joyful manner, she will take a problem and break it down into achievable, bite-sized steps leaving you feeling empowered and with a clear path forward. Kylie is most passionate about people changing their story as a whole, so with loving kindness, she naturally adopts a no-nonsense approach and won’t allow our ‘stories’ to impede us or distract us from living our best life. Information on Thyroid health can be confusing and overwhelming, it was this understanding that led Kylie to create Thyroid School an online format where information is distilled and shared with love. To effect change on an even larger scale Kylie has recently created Thyroid Life Academy where she works in depth with women to guide them in building successful lives and businesses within the field of Thyroid health. Far from being competitive, Kylie is generous with her knowledge and is an ideas girl. She knows there is an ever-growing need for others to work in the arena of Thyroid health in their own, unique way and their own unique niche. The winner of an award for Excellence in the Academic Understanding and Clinical Application of Naturopathy, Kylie is well placed to provide practical guidance in her field. Through Thyroid Life Academy, Kylie provides support, direction and a clear step-by-step process to designing your ideal Thyroid Life through her membership platform. When we change ourselves, the world around us changes – Kylie believes this deeply and her desire is for others to not only feel empowered but to be gifted with the skills and knowledge to take responsibility for themselves. “I want women to understand that having thyroid disease can be a gift if they choose to accept it. A gift that allows them to help others while helping themselves.”