Two of the most common causes of increasing weight gain is denial and excuses.  We look at ourselves in the mirror, and we deny that we look so much older because of added weight.  We ignore it when clothes don’t fit, and we just buy new ones to hide the flab.  We make excuses about the lack of time to exercise and prepare healthy meals.  We make ourselves believe that our clothes shrunk and looking old are part of getting old.

We deny and make excuses, every day, all the time until we cannot anymore. 

While I was extremely fat and looking several years older for my age, there was one thing that stopped my denials and my excuses–medical test results.  One cannot deny fatty liver, high cholesterol and sugar levels, and kidneys that are not functioning well.  I needed to be healthy for my family.  Excuses will not make me healthy.

Getting to Where You Want to Be

From then on, I had one goal in mind:  to live healthy so that I will not be a burden to my family.  I knew it was going to be a long, challenging journey and I took it one step at a time:

•    Finding out what’s wrong – To find solutions to my health issues, I needed to know what caused them.  Doctors told me, it’s all about my unhealthy lifestyle.  They did not prescribe medicines.  They prescribed exercise, which included pre workout for women, eating right and resting enough.

•    Learning from the experts – After being overweight and unhealthy for so long, I turned to experts for credible and authentic information.  I researched about healthy weight loss strategies, pre-workout for women, exercises that burn calories, healthy eating and sleep and rest approaches.  I chose the materials that I read, making sure that the advice came from people who practiced what they preached.

•    Personalizing the journey – Armed with expert advice, I came up with a healthy lifestyle framework:  setting exercise goals that I will love and enjoy, incorporating healthy meal preparation in my daily schedules and realigning my priorities to ensure that I will have time for rest and meaningful recreation.

•    Getting help – I learned from the experts that keeping a healthy lifestyle does not need to be expensive.  You simply need to be smart and use technology for support.  Hence, I downloaded fitness apps to monitor food intake, calories burned, pre-workout for women methods and other exercise routines that were designed for busy women.

Think Goals, Not Weight

My journey to being healthy was slow but sure.  However, it was not easy.  There are days you simply want to stay in bed instead of doing the pre-workout for women. Many times, you want to eat anything and everything that comes your way, and keep the pre-workout for women supplements in storage.  There are instances when you feel you want your freedom back, the freedom to deny, make excuses and stay where you are–fat, stressed and a strong candidate for illness.

It is easy to get sidetracked when you don’t see changes in weight and body measurements.  It happens.  The way to keep going is to think of your ultimate goal.  Mine was to be healthy for my family.  That’s how I got to where I wanted to be.

Losing 60 pounds, keeping a metabolism 15 years below my age, able to manage stress and with no illness–all of these make me happy.  Happy.  Not joyful.  What brings me joy is when someone starts taking the journey, I took years ago. 

I intend to stay on that course, always taking someone along with me.  That’s how I find joy in being healthy.