I have always had a belief that if I could see it then it would happen. As I got older and doubt from the world and other’s crept into my head, I started having a hard time really seeing what I wanted in my life. Then, I learned about “words of affirmation”, I don’t exactly remember when I first heard about it, but the concept seemed easy enough to implement, and if I was going to get what I wanted from just reciting words, then what did I have to lose? 

I have to say I started small. What I didn’t understand is if you can manifest what you want, why focus on the small things. GO BIG! For example; I 100% believe I manifested my husband. I was tired of all the losers, so I made a list. I wrote down every single thing I was looking for, I put the list away and gave the list “words of affirmation.” What I mean when I say that is, when I would say the words of affirmation those words were assigned to represent the list, and every time I would say my affirmations, I was essence be reciting my list. (I hope that makes sense.) ON MY LIFE, within 6 weeks, I met my husband, and he was exactly what I had on my list. 

Words of Affirmation are generally used to “reprogram the subconscious mind.” It teaches us to believe ideas about ourselves or the world around us, and where we stand in that world. I believe we can create our own reality, I use them to prepare me for things that I want to happen, bring about things I want to happen, and to build confidence in myself. 

I am dealing with some health issues right now, and until this morning I felt very controlled by them. I realized that I hadn’t put any affirmations to the list I made for my health. (I make lists for things I want, like people make vision boards. I am SOOO detailed, that when making the list for my husband, I listed his skin color, height, hair color, eye color and personality traits.). 

So today, the affirmation came to me…”I am strong. I am healthy. I can eat anything I want and it doesn’t bother me at all.” I will say this this for the entirety of my healing process that must start with me. Do I believe it will work? Yes! Because even if I have not fully bought into the idea, this moment, the more I say it the more I will reprogram myself to believe it, and when I fully, truly believe in it, it will manifest just as I wanted it to. 

Give it a shot, what do you have to lose? You don’t have to make a list, but I learned that you have to be careful what you ask for, because if you are not specific you will get what you ask for in any way that it could come. That in itself can create a whole host of problems. 

Some examples of affirmations without lists or vision boards might be:

When you wake in the morning-“I am rested a ready to start my day.”

Or if you know you are about to deal with a difficult person-“I am the only one in control of my actions.” 

Written by: Dayna Mohan