Envision Health & Fitness In The Digital Era With Zofit During COVID-19 Lockdown!

The nationwide lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic has not gone down quite well with a lot of us folks. Plus, it has and will continue to be an enticing challenge for the super-fit gym-goers since gyms are closed, and movement outside is limited. However, has anyone thought about digitizing fitness schedules? Well, you might not have, but, there is an innovative fitness enthusiast, who was prepared for the same from the very beginning. 

While being stuck indoors too, you can embark on staying physically and mentally fit. Exercising strengthens your immune system, improves your mental health, and makes you feel better about yourself during these torrid times. Forget about the press-up or posing in saree challenges circulating on Instagram for a while. And, focus on what’s more important to keep you fit in the long-run. 

Since many of us might also be feeling bogged and scratching our heads, getting depressed during the lockdown, being active helps. And to assist you with it, there exists an app – Zofit that offers you multiple step-by-step exercise routines, meal plans, yoga schedules and personalized training sessions according to how much time of your day you wish to devote. We had a word with Mr Samdish Khurana, Founder & CEO, Zofit on how the app facilitates people’s fitness regimes, motivates them to train with zero-equipment during self-isolation and in the long-run.

Kindly introduce Zofit to our readers? What prompted you to begin Zofit?

I have always been fascinated with technology ever since I was a child. Whether it was a new generation laptop or game-changing tablets I had to lay my hands on them. Soon after I completed my schooling from Welham Boys School in Dehradun, I was introduced to the world of mobile application development. Being a fitness enthusiast myself, I thought why not digitize the facilitation of fitness schedules and this gave me a way to connect with people through Zofit.

Zofit can be your personal training fitness application coach. With the help of its artificial intelligence, certified personal trainers, and the user data, the app provides an eight-week personalized training program. Further, it features different forms of workout to choose from so that you are never bored with doing the same thing every day. 

For most of our workouts, you don’t need any type of equipment. Our bodyweight strength exercises enhance a range of biomotor abilities including strength, power, endurance, speed, balance and more. Users can also choose to meditate with Zofit Yoga as well. As of now Zofit is only available on the Google Play Store and shall soon be a part of the Apple App Store as well. 

Do you think fitness mobile apps can replace personal trainers or physical gyms? How?

People today are stuck indoors! They are always on-the-go otherwise. Zofit creates a personalised training program for people who are either too busy or don’t know how to work out on their own with correct posture and training. 

We provide them with the flexibility, customisation, and guidance that anyone would require to lead a healthy lifestyle. Also, in the current situational crisis, it serves as an easy solution to stay fit and stay healthy. 

What is it that Zofit offers that other million fitness apps in the app stores don’t?

Zofit is India’s only app that uses artificial intelligence and user data to create the desired personalised 8-week workout plan. And, additionally, it also offers varied forms of fitness such as Yoga, body weight and strengthening exercises, workouts with zero equipment & dietary recommendations – all in a single application. It consists of over 800 high-quality training videos with step-by-step movement for better learning and understanding at a minimal price of Rs 199.

Your app is mostly a video-based fitness app. Can users find these video tutorials on any other platform other than in the app? If yes, how are those lessons different than ones found in the app? 

The content on our app is highly specialised and created for easy understanding by professionals. While the user will find a lot of content on the internet, the fact that professionals do not create most of them is an area of concern. Our aim has always been to provide a one-stop solution to an individual’s fitness needs along with the guidance that a newcomer might need. 

One thing you’ve always believed is that digital health isn’t a niche segment. It’s really the future of health. Please elaborate further.

We live in a digital world. Whether it is online banking or ordering food, everything is on our fingertips, then why not health? Our idea is to give access to everyone to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

To Conclude

It is imperative indeed to have a fitness regime in place. According to various researches, being sedentary detriments your physical health along with mental health. Working out regularly with Zofit and being physically active can help lower stress and blood pressure, reduce the risk of stroke, and prevent the onset of diabetes. Our immune system works efficiently when it flushes out bacteria from our lungs and airways, increases white blood cell counts, and raises our body temperature.