Why Are Pet Owners So Happy?

Have you noticed that when you are walking your dog, whenever you come across another dog walker, they say hello, but in situations, without a pet, you hardly get a greeting?

This could be because being a pet owner makes you happy. A study was conducted which found that, compared to non-pet owners, pet owners considered themselves successful and had more to contribute to their happiness.

So why do we think that pet owners are happier than non-pet owners? We are going to look at some reasons why this may be the case.

Run Doggy Run

Maybe not so much in cats, even though you do see some cat owners taking their cats for a walk, but dog owners take their beloved pups out for a walk every day! You can even see some dog owners going for runs with their dogs. 

Either way, taking your pet for a walk means that you are getting out into the wild outdoors for some exercise. It has been shown that exercise can help with depression and anxiety, and if you are lucky enough to live somewhere where you can take your dog for a walk into nature, this has also been shown to increase pleasant feelings.

Pet Owner’s Best Friends

It is common for people living by themselves to own a pet. One of the main reasons for this is for the sake of the company. The expression “man’s best friend” is always thrown around when we talk about dogs, and the reason is that they love you unconditionally. 

Dogs are always the ones to run and greet you at the door when you come back home, giving you a lick on the face. Who would not be happy if that happened to you every day?!

They also provide someone to talk to as you are going around the house, your dog following at your heels, interested in what you are doing, and hoping for some snacks.

A Little Scratch Here

Most pets’ favorite thing is a little scratch. When you catch them in the right spot, it’s like life has stopped for them as their little face fills with joy, and maybe their leg kicks from happiness. 

Doing this however can have positive effects on yourself. A study shows that stroking your pet for 15 minutes can drop your blood pressure by 10%. And it isn’t just stroking a dog or a cat, that can have this effect. It works even if you have a pet turtle or a pet rabbit. As long as it’s a living creature, it can help lower your blood pressure as well as your anxiety.

So there you have it. Go out and get yourself a little pooch, a fluffy cat, or some beautiful fish. If you do, you could be increasing the happiness in your life. Just remember, that with all that work your little dog or big dog is doing, you should treat them as well. Your dog would love a bit of a pamper so getting a grooming table would be the perfect tool for the job.