Battling with constant fatigue? Not sure why, or what to do about it?

We all feel tired sometimes, but often we don’t understand why. And not knowing can lead to fatigue going from bad to worse.

So, let’s demystify things a bit!

Here are the six common reasons you’re feeling tired lately! Then, read on for what to do!

1. Bad Sleep

Both quantity and quality matter with your sleep!

Many reasons such as alcohol, a sedentary lifestyle, and technology before bed can make falling asleep difficult. If you have children, you also know that sleep interruptions impact your mind greatly. And surprisingly, there is such a thing as TOO much sleep.

2. Bad Fuel or Not Enough of it

When we forget to eat or load up on sugar we’re giving our blood sugar levels an unwarranted roller coaster ride.

Furthermore, food allergies play a huge part in energy levels. My husband has Crohn’s Disease, and when he eliminated the foods that tested positive for allergies, his energy increased dramatically.

3. Health Problems

Anemia, low vitamin D, heart disease, and thyroid disorders all play a significant part in fatigue for people. If you think there’s a possible problem with any of these, see your doctor. Most can be found by a simple blood test.

4. Dehydration

Many of us don’t drink enough water, and by the time we are thirsty, we’re already dehydrated. So, wake up to a tall glass of water and make it a goal to drink throughout the day.

5. Too Much Caffeine

Just like sugar, pots of coffee and energy drinks are only a quick fix. And often, they lead to huge crashes later on. Caffeine is not evil, but it’s best to use in moderation.

6. Mental & Emotional Stress

Finally, stress and worry require a TON of energy. If you are anxious or overwhelmed all of the time, you’ll be hard-pressed to find the energy for other activities. Take care of yourself physically, but also mentally.

Ready for the action steps?

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In Conclusion

While there are a variety of reasons for low energy, know that it’s in our control to do something about it.

No one should have to live being tired all the time. So, take a baby step if you must, but take the step.