Financial issue keeps the rich as well as the poor engaged, perplexed and sometimes terrified. We have not solved it despite the fact that we consider ourselves evolved (human) beings.

We think more money will give psychological security, safety, stable relief. We think as if this relief, this safety can be stabilised.

We do not come to this point but go on seeking, seeking stability.

Instead of enjoying with money, we are stuck up in seeking stable relief.

We want to cover up our fears, our uncertainties about money by thinking as if relief will come and stay.

You have to bear the jerk that nothing can give you stable relief.

Is this not dullness?

The friction between this moment and the next gives momentum to life. The friction is unending. When you are relaxed in this moment, whatever be the situation, the image for the next moment (comfortable to you) is automatically created. This is the natural momentum on which brain works. When you are not at rest with this moment, you are trying to fix the next moment to your pattern of satisfaction. You miss the automation. You become busy in fighting an illusory battle.

Unless you see this, you will continue to seek stable relief instead of enjoying.

We have to understand the issue as a human being and not in political or religious terms to see ‘what is True’.
Life has evolved as more and more multi connected process. As you are not directly producing the goods and services you are using. We are using almost every thing produced by others.

‘You’ (every body) is dependent upon goods and services produced by others. You can not operate as separate, safe, secured, independent.
In order to be in the world, in order to enjoy connectivity (which is life), in order to enjoy possessions, relations, situations-you have to absorb the resistance (fear, uncertainty) you face in daily life. ‘You are connected to the world’ is a singular structure, complete structure.

Apart from immediate physical danger, all resistance is psychological discomfort.

When you face anything wrong, negative, irritating-can you feel, bear this discomfort without any explanation as you are also connected in some way with the wrong, negative, irritating situation? You have made a dent in transforming your world. Now any action (or no-action) is relaxed, creative. You are on the total ground.

You want to undo, remove fear and uncertainty, you experience in daily life.

You want to enjoy the comfort of, relief :

Of having flawless choices;

Of controlling others;

Of knowing, confirming the result, future;

Of your ideas not being challenged;

Of not-committing errors.

Unless you see that this relief is illusory, you can not touch the current of life.

Brain can not operate as psychologically secured, relieved-irrespective of what you have. Even if you are king of the world, fear that your securities may be disturbed or the tension to have something more will develop.

The friction of psychological comfort-discomfort-comfort is operative element of the brain.

Now you are settled in doing something, anything or nothing.

Once you see this, your desire, what you want provides contrast to manifestation, to the new.