The world is interdependent, and cannot survive without mutual correlation

 Have you hesitated for asking help? Can any of us survive without other’s help? This question raises the necessity to ask for help. If you are in a dreadful situation at work, or you need personal help while dealing with your day-to-day activities during this pandemic. Life is an adventure, sometimes we fail ,and sometimes win. This mystery keeps us going without losing hope. 

Some people help us and some of them put us down. This can cause emotional turmoil and hamper out productivity. It is better to remain calm and allow the emotional storms to settle down, before taking the next plunge. 

I had previously applied for various jobs and had been rejected many times. However, this did not stop from me writing an article or a blog. I started applying for various jobs but in vain. But, being hired at a prominent company famous for content hired me. I was elated that at least someone has recognized my skill, and increased my faith in the skills I possessed. I can ask for help where I need to improve on my skills and many other aspects of improving my life. However, not everyone will genuinely help. The world has different individuals. I have been helped by my friend voluntarily without having asked for help from her. This brought some sort of courage and hope to pursue my studies with confidence. When we are at work, we meet different individuals with a different mindsets, while some may be helpful, others may counteract and challenge us. This challenge also enables us to move forward, fortifying us in times of adversity. 

Researchers also have claimed that it is necessary to ask for help to drift through the changes and challenges in life. I have asked for help from a person who was the owner of a course I was pursuing, and I am happy I did it. He not only helped me by providing the contact of those people who could hire me, but also by enabling me to focus on improving my skills, rather than simply applying for a job. He also instilled confidence in me to move ahead with whatever work I could do. This, in turn, helped me realize that asking for help may be good, but helping others is also equally important while progressing. I have also tried to help others by finding out the right opportunities for them. I have helped a friend with the essentials during a pandemic. This way we will stay in their hearts forever as good memories. 

This pandemic has put a toll on our life. Many of us started working from home, buying products online, with the fear of getting infected and spreading the infection to others. Watching many people dying in front of us due to negligence. These challenges are a threat to society, as they may have occurred due to negligence on our part to follow certain guidelines or protocols. 

Nothing has stopped me from asking for help. I have asked my colleague to guide me on areas of improvement and he did it. These aspects shape our prospects, as we focus on our challenges and improve our skills grooming ourselves for a better job and to be a better human being. 

When we work as a team, it so happens there are different people with varied attributes and skillsets, I was extremely disturbed emotionally, and I had asked one of my colleagues to help me, she came forward and helped me face these challenges, later I realized my worth and got placed in one of the best companies. So, storms do not come to destroy us, some come to clear our path. Hence, being attentive, and focusing on our skills, and continuously striving and being persistent, helped me gain whatever I could not achieve all these years.