If you’re an athlete, practicing mindfulness should be part of your daily routine. Mindfulness has several benefits for athletes — on and off the field. Here are four of the top reasons why athletes of all levels should make practicing mindfulness a priority.

  1. Mindfulness reduces sports-related anxiety

Becoming more mindful can greatly reduce sport anxiety. When you are more mindful, you are more aware of your emotions and your stressors and you are more able to react in a healthy manner. Mindfulness can also help you to control your breathing. With practice, these skills will help you to remain calm, even in stressful situations. 

  1. Mindfulness can improve athletic performance

Have you heard some people say that sports are 90 percent mental and only 10 percent physical? If you are an athlete, you probably recognize the importance of your mindset during games. This fact is why mindfulness is particularly beneficial for athletes. Think of practicing mindfulness as athletic training for your mind. Just as your body requires practice, your mind does too. Spend time every day developing your mind and you will soon see the results of your training reflected on the field. 

  1. Mindfulness can improve your focus

Another benefit of mindfulness is the ability to focus more easily. Our modern world is so full of distractions that most of us are chronically unfocused. Many people find that focusing on one thing for an extended period is incredibly difficult, which is why mindfulness training is useful. Training your mind a little bit every day will help you ignore distractions, improving your focus on the field and ultimately improving your game. 

  1. Mindfulness has benefits off the field, too

Lastly, athletes should practice mindfulness because it has plenty of benefits off the field as well. Do you want to be more present in your daily life? Or pay better attention to the people around you? Mindfulness training can go a long way in improving your relationships, your stress management, your health, your sleep habits, and more! Mindfulness will also help you to deal with and adapt to unexpected challenges, whether they’re in your sport or in your personal life.