As I was finishing the last chapter of a book last night, I remember that years ago I set a target of reading a chapter a day, not more not less. Even when I had a lot of free time, I wouldn’t read more than a chapter in a day. This hardly takes 15–20 mins but when you see how much you’ve accomplished after a week; you’ll be amazed!

Back when I compulsively read books, I still managed to complete only 3–4 books in 6 months because I read a lot of it in one day and forgot about reading them again; and the learnings from them couldn’t be recollected too.

“There is a lot of power in taking things by small amounts in a day over a consistent period of time.”

Reading a chapter a day helped me finish more books and gave me time to apply those things which in turn helped me remember the takeaways/learnings from those books. This even gave me a creative edge of connecting two different topics and gaining valuable insights from them. Setting daily reminders for these tasks can make it very easy for you. As you do a little everyday they won’t seem like hard work too.

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The same thing applies when you work towards your goals to achieve success. Many would argue that success comes when you work relentlessly, yes!, but would that relentlessness last for years or for a consistent period of time is the enlightening question. Consistent efforts create wonders.

“Being Fast” should be monitored very carefully. You must always see the end results. You must see that by going fast are you being more productive, if not then it’s being very very slow indeed! Also, the health and happiness aspects must be kept in check — ultimately it’s those two that must be in abundance.

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