single is a blessing

Hey so I’ve got a big secret. You never would’ve thought of this as a blessing, but take it from me – it actually is.

If you are single then you need to read this. The first thing I want you to do is begin to think of life more deeply, be more philosophical with it. Go deeper. Rather than just feeling sorry for yourself or looking at everything in a boxed way – think outside of the box.

You catching my drift here?

Well I want you to imagine that just because you’re single does not mean anything is wrong.


And I want you to understand that the whole married with kids and the white picket fence is not all it’s cracked up to be. I know a lot of people who have that life – exactly like it’s supposed to happen who are not happy or content at all. A lot of these people fell for it. They didn’t know any better. They just assume that that’s how life is supposed to go.

And if you can get this – then it will all make sense. We all have our struggles. For many couples the relationship itself is there karma. They come together, have children and then lead a contentious life, a battle of wills between them and now with children little place to hide.

So their struggle may be that they are forced to learn to get along or forced to separate for the sake of the children cause they can’t get along.

And again here’ the deal I’m not trying to demean those who are coupled up. That’s fine. That’s there thing, but for you – it’s not your thing and it’s perfectly fine.

It’s ok. So what is your thing? What is the powerful way to get through it?

If you’re not married then what are your options? Or if you don’t have a significant other so what? What does that mean for you? Does the world stop? Does life become a miserable mopey dopey place and there’s just nothing exciting about it?

Marriage is not for everyone and everyone’s karma is different. We are all dealt a different hand. So while the struggle for many married couples maybe directly related to their relationship that is their karma. I’m not saying it’s bad karma to get married. I’m just giving perspective here.

And here’s the deal I’m not here to judge or knock anybody. Whatever works for you is great, but what I’m trying to tell you is while it may appear one way at the onset, it’s not actually always like that.

So a lot of people feel like that’s what it means to live – that’s how life is supposed to turn out and if it doesn’t something is wrong with them. So all of that stuff you were fed as a little kid, about getting married and starting a family – that’s all hype.


It doesn’t always work out like this. And if you’re in that category where it didn’t work out like this then I want you to take comfort in that.

Take comfort in knowing God has another plan for you. You are here to be your most awesome you. And God doesn’t want you to be distracted. So there is a powerful way to be in – and live powerfully as a single person.

And that powerful way entails you working on yourself and making yourself the best version of you possible. And ultimately that’s why we’re here. We’re not here to get married and have kids. That can be great and that can work out well for a lot of people, however if that is not what transpired for you then there is a reason for this.


Everything really does have a reason, contrary to what the naysayers say.

So there is no place for victimhood here. When you come here you have chosen to blossom your awesome. You are doing things differently.

As a trainer and energy worker I spend my days sharing inspiration. As a lover of life my eyes always are pulled by all of the beauty and magic. Rather than focusing on the fact that I don’t have kids – yes I don’t have kids. I’m ok with that. I don’t spend any energy feeling sorry for myself. I spend time being self absorbed – in a good way. Not in a way that I’m selfish towards others, but I use all that time – moms are driving kids to and from school, making breakfast and dinners, dropping them off at balet, music lessons, soccer practice – whatever – I have the luxury to use that time for me.

So how I use that time is I work on me. I uplift myself in powerful ways and do the soul work to make sure I am able to show up more empowered for the other people in my life. And also do it for me because life can and does have meaning without a man or a family and without children. I promise you. It’s all in our perspective.

You’re are making a concerted effort to accept and realize there are more powerful ways of being. You know there is more to you and more to your life. And that is exactly why you are here.

So join me girls and gals. We are here to be amazing and live our best lives. We as women have been blessed and given an extra dose of magic and wonder to fulfill our deepest desires – that have nothing to do with a man. I invite you to go inward and go deeper with yourself. You know your worth. You know what you’re capable of so don’t be afraid to shine. That’s why you’ve been blessed in this way.

And make no mistake – I’m living proof. This is a sincere blessing. It’s a call for you to awaken to a deeper, richer, more spiritual journey.

Let’s be our most awesome selves. After all – that’s why we’re here!

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