Did you ever think about what effect does saying “thanks”has? When you say “thanks” or “thank you,” you express a feeling of gratitude. That’s what we already know about being thankful. You share a vibe of being grateful with others, and no matter what the other person is to you, that vibe will make that person grateful too.

But there’s something more beyond the expression of gratitude. If you see from a broader perspective, you will know that being thankful is not optional but necessary.

First, it’s about accepting the fact that you are not the most powerful in this world. Your needs and wants still depend on others. From your home to your workplace, you rely on every single person regardless of your wealth. Even if you buy the whole world, you would still need others’ favours and services to live your life.

You know, no matter how wicked you are, it’s an innate human moral ability to thank the giver for receiving something. Be it literally anything; Christmas gift, birthday present, wedding ring, monthly salary, a glass of water, even some space in assembly point when you want to move ahead or go back. The action of receiving makes us instantly utter the word thanks in response, and it’s proof that we humans need each other to live in this world. No one is independent except the Almighty, the One God. Amazingly, this phenomenon is so natural that even though we don’t know the other person, still we thank him/her!

Thanking others make your character humble. It increases your humility, and you constantly grow spiritually bigger. You must have noticed that sometimes, thanking others costs you your ego, due to which you deliberately let go of the chance of being grateful. The other person might be from a lower profile, or he might be working under you. Or there are times when you visit a cobbler or a hawker and receive goods and services from them. At that time, it’s more necessary to thank those people so that your humility may increase, and you may win the favour of the Divine.

Your habit of thanking other people strengthens the bond of humanity. This act of kindness is so underrated that people have stopped thanking others, no matter how minor a favour is done. They either don’t know why to say thanks, or they have been taught the wrong concept about being grateful. The Mighty Lord deserves all the praise and gratitude, no doubt. But in human relations, one must have to accept that every human is equal and in need of each other.

A simple “thanks” make someone’s day. Imagine you reach the office late. Your boss mortified you, and while coming back home, the traffic constable filed a challan against you for overspeeding. While stepping towards your home’s main gate, you saw a child beggar sitting on the side of the footpath. You gave him a few bucks, and he replied in a smile with the stammering word thank you. You felt really alive as soon you heard the beggar thanking you. This scenario lightened up your spirit because, throughout such a miserable day when you reached your boiling point, a simple thanks gave you life and made you remember that life has such inevitable downfalls, and you just have to keep your head high!

Photo by Howie R on Unsplash

From a psychological perspective, whenever you see that the situation is about to get worse because of you, find a way to thank the angry person. That will manipulate his mind, and everything will be calmed down. But please, don’t try this if you think that the situation has already gone beyond anyone’s control. You will be responsible for yourself if you try to make such a mistake.

Last but not least, you spread an ethical practice of being grateful for receiving things from others. You never know when an arrogant person begins to thank others just because he saw you thanking someone. That’s one of the biggest benefits if you have pure intentions towards humanity and your society.

Even if you are looking for a shoelace, you must ask God first and then visit a shop or a cobbler nearby. Losing a shoelace apparently doesn’t look like a major problem. But if you observe the issue, you become desperate even for a single show lace. And when someone solves your problem, you don’t thank him just because it’s about a mere lace of your shoe? That’s a sign of being morally vile. When you receive something, make it your habit to thank that person, no matter whoever is that person!

Thank you!