We all get the same 24-hours every single day. How we choose to utilize our time is up to us. Some people choose to develop new habits, invest in their health, and advance their opportunities. Other people choose to remain stagnant and wish for a change they aren’t willing to facilitate. At the end of the day, how we use each and every minute defines the type of person we are perceived to be.

It’s easy to sit back and observe the ‘big public wins’ we see from people, celebrities, and CEOs, proclaiming that they merely “got lucky.” In reality, these big wins were the result of small, habitual steps that these people chose to pursue on a daily basis. In fact, 40% of everything that we do on a daily basis is habitual. That means, without consciously thinking about it, we do nearly the same thing every single day. That thing could be waking up early, or sleeping in too late; eating a healthy breakfast or skipping breakfast; going to the gym or sitting in the same seat all day.

Over time, these habits add up. The person who wakes up early, eats a healthy breakfast, and makes time for fitness is going to be more successful than the person who sleeps in and never leaves their couch. The person choosing physical fitness is packed with more energy, is more likely to sleep soundly at night, and is more likely able to process their stress and emotions with ease.

Wow! And that’s related to making just one habitual choice each day: fitness. . Imagine what is possible when you’re aware of every single habit that comprises your time?

See Habits in a New Way

We often associate boring things like brushing our teeth or cleaning our clothes with habits. In reality, habits are incremental steps that you do to reach your goal. They’re the building blocks of your future, the foundation of your home. It is essential to develop the right ones to make all of your goals and dreams a reality. Without the right foundation, your home will collapse in on itself, tearing down everything else you have done along the way.

It starts with a conscious decision to choose productive habits. “You don’t have to crash course yourself all at once. Choosing a winning mindset, positivity, early mornings, and healthy food is a good place to start,” says John Lajara, a real estate industry veteran and co-founder of MAKRO Fitness and Nutrition. 

Attributing his success thus far as both a renowned real estate expert, as well as a fitness guru and coach, Lajara states it all starts with the small choices he makes the second he wakes up. 

“The moment we open our eyes, we’re faced with choices. Do we lay in bed longer, or do we get up? If we choose to get up, we now have more time to meet our daily goals. It’s as simple as that,” says Lajara.

In 2019-2020, Lajara was named to “America’s Top 100 Agents” and was the Top 10 Realtors in all NY & #1 Hispanic Realtor in Downstate NY. He says it’s all a result of something as mundane and ‘unnoticed’ as his habitual routine. 

Lajara concluded by challenging people everywhere to reflect on their habits today. Where can changes be made? 
To read more about Lajara’s success and background as a real estate agent and manager, visit https://www.zillow.com/profile/JohnCLajara.