It’s interesting to witness the evolution of how humans celebrate birthdays throughout their lifetimes. As adults, especially those who work in offices, recognition of the day is often dialed down from how we would have celebrated as children. Many companies even have birthday policies that outline what constitutes for celebration dos and don’ts. Common “don’ts” can range from buying a cake to sharing the news on company social media accounts, and are often considered no-nos because they do not consider the comfort level of each individual.

A common birthday “do” that is highly encouraged are surprise desk decorations. This is something that my team members actively participates in doing for their fellow coworkers. Even my desk and I receive the same surprise treatment on my birthday, too! Whether you work in an office or from the comfort of your own home, I’m all in favor of desk décor for a very HBD. Here’s why it matters.

First off, decorations make you feel good.

Admittedly, not everyone shoots out of bed on the morning of their birthday bursting with excitement. Maybe they’re stuck in a long commute, running late, or spilled coffee all over themselves.

That’s where desk decorations come into play to turn around the day. Seeing your work desk festooned with balloons, cards, and flowers can turn even the worst mornings around into brighter ones. Who wouldn’t feel a little more cheerful upon seeing these colorful additions? The joy naturally spills over into productivity. We’ll pause to enjoy the décor, and get back to work with a renewed sense of excitement.

Decorating brings out your creative side.

Raise your hand if you enjoy sitting in front of your computer all day, every single day, without one creative reprieve or activity to steal you away. Did anyone actually raise their hands? I didn’t think so.

Some offices will err on the conservative side when it comes to decorating a coworker’s desk. Others will go all out with balloon arches, banners, and streamers. They might even bring in a crown for the birthday royalty to wear for the day! There will only ever be one “you” in this world, so why not get silly and have fun with the decorating scheme on this special day?

There’s kindness in the details.

Desk decorations are often quite thoughtful. It’s not like your coworkers tossed a random card on your desk or bought whatever flowers were on sale. They likely all played a different role in bringing together your desk decorations. One person might have recruited everyone in the company to sign a card, while another picked out a balloon bouquet.

Many of them may know bits and pieces about your characteristics, too. This lends itself to an even more personalized space. If a team member loves Game of Thrones, they’re likely to have memes from the series taped on their desktop computer. For those with a sweet tooth, they may have a baggie of their favorite candy waiting and tied with a ribbon. The little details help to bring together the big picture, ultimately culminating in a festive space just for your birthday.

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